Real GOP Illinois is an independent news source for real Republicans, conservatives, and independents in Illinois. We will provide the news and opinion that is absent from the mainstream media. We will provide the truth when everyone else refuses to.

As voters, we believe that the political establishment of both parties is fundamentally corrupt and incapable of acting in the best interests of the public. If Illinois media were not so compromised, they would be reporting on the corruption that is a clear and present threat to our state.

As Illinois Republican voters, we believe in the  principles embodied in the national and state GOP party platforms. We also believe the current Illinois GOP party leadership has dishonored the party platform, disrespected President Trump, and ignored fundamental party positions on abortion, immigration, tax reform, pensions, and reducing the debt.

In 2014, Illinois GOP leaders promised voters that they would end “business as usual” in Springfield but, instead, things are worse. Illinois has two ruthless political bosses now: Mike Madigan and Bruce Rauner. They are more alike than they are different. Madigan and Rauner rule with threats, bribes, and coercion and no one is willing – not even the media – to tell the truth about what is happening in our state.

We, the real Republican voters of Illinois, will stand up for the GOP platform, will work to elect real Republican legislators, and will bring awareness to issues of corruption and cronyism regardless of party. We will act as a watchdog whenever we see abuse of power. We ask our fellow Republicans and independents to join us.

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