In February, Rep. Jeanne Ives released a book titled, “The Governor You Don’t Know: The Other Side of Bruce Rauner.” Supporters of her ill-fated campaign for Illinois Governor wanted to send a message to Governor Rauner: You betrayed the GOP party platform. Rauner still won the GOP primary but not by much for a powerful incumbent Republican Governor.

Ives was asked this week if she is supporting Bruce Rauner for re-election. Her answer: Yes. She is supporting Rauner and voting for him – but claims that not an endorsement?

So, you’re going to vote for him, but you’re not endorsing him – Isn’t that kind of a distinction without a difference?”

* Her response…

I imagine it would be, but an endorsement would be like a strong appeal for this guy to have four more years, and, look, I feel like part of being a Republican, quite frankly, and being in that contest against him. But you know, I will vote for him. He won fair and square, I guess. But you know, I can’t stand on the stage and endorse somebody who’s done some of the stuff he’s done. And you’re right it’s a distinction without a difference, but that’s where I stand.

Is Ives insane? Has she lost her mind? Does she think voters are stupid?

Ives has flip-flopped on her core principles in publicly supporting Bruce Rauner for re-election. Why would she publicize her vote unless she wanted others to support Rauner? Isn’t Rauner the Governor who expanded taxpayer-funded abortion without restriction? Didn’t Rauner side with the Democrats to force Illinois into becoming a sanctuary state?

Ives has done is what all liberal Republicans do: She caved/waffled/compromised/sold-out.

Voters were angry at Rauner and now they are angry at Jeanne Ives. They are asking Ives the same questions they asked Rauner:

What is the GOP without its platform? What is a party without its principles? Nothing.

Is a Governor a “Republican” because he has an “R” after his name on the ballot? No.

Is a Governor a Republican if he votes with the Democrats and sides their liberal abortion and illegal immigration laws? No.

Can a big wig liberal Democrat donor buy the Republican Party if he has enough cash? Yes, Rauner proves that and more.

Why would a conservative pro-life Republican –  as Jeanne Ives claim she is – vote for Rauner?

This isn’t the first time Jeanne Ives has sold out on her principles. She supported and endorsed Rauner in 2014, ‘member?




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