UPDATED November 2, 2018 – Rep. Tom Morrison, a big supporter of pro-abortion Governor Rauner, is in the fight of his political life. His 54th district seat is up-for-grabs in the northwestern Illinois house district. His opponent, Maggie Trevor, has made it a tight race.

Morrison may lose his state district seat in next week’s midterm election and he deserves to lose it.  Morrison recently submitted a letter requesting leniency for a convicted child abuser. Rev. Thomas J. Chantry. Morrison was a teacher at Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights and was friends with Chantry when they taught together in the early 2000s.

Chantry was indicted on five counts of child molestation and three counts of aggravated assault. He was found guilty of two aggravated assault charges. The jury was deadlocked on four counts of child molestation. During court proceedings, Arizona prosecutors had described the incidents as “unspeakable acts of sadistic physical abuse.” Chantry was accused of abuse of children at Christian Liberty Academy in 2004 but charges were never brought.

According to the indictment, Chantry is accused of hitting a child with a boat oar on multiple occasions. The motion to hold describes instances where Chantry did “unspeakable acts of sadistic physical abuse, which were always followed by acts of molestation.”


Incidents of molestation include stroking, rubbing and fondling of the victim, according to the Sept. 11 motion signed by County Attorney Susan Eazer.

One of the alleged victims was 10 and the abuse lasted until he was 12 years old.

“In recent statements, the victim has described that the ‘spankings’ began almost immediately after the tutoring started, were always for trivial things such as missing a math problem, and rapidly increased in both frequency and severity as time went on,” the motion stated. “He stated that he was initially spanked with a belt, a switch or various wooden paddles and that the spankings for the first several months, while extremely hard, were always over his clothes. The victim’s mother recalled that her son would always wear his thickest jeans on the days he had tutoring with the defendant.”

The mother of the alleged victim in these new charges testified in Chantry’s trial last month. She described seeing bruises on her son’s body near his upper thighs and buttocks.


Seven days ago, Morrison, under political pressure, finally retracted his letter of support for Chantry. Morrison showed extremely poor judgment in submitting a request for leniency in advance of Chantry’s sentencing last week.

Would Morrison have retracted the letter of leniency if he weren’t running a tight race in the 54th district? But for the media spotlight, Morrison’s letter pleading for leniency might have influenced Chantry’s judge to give him a lighter sentence.

Again, under political pressure, an unshaven Morrison took to meekly Facebook to apologize to voters. Morrison’s pathetic Facebook apology is too little too late.

The 54th state house district deserves better representation than Morrison, who exercised the poorest possible judgment in siding with a convicted child abuser over the needs of the victims.

Real GOP Illinois believes Rep. Morrison does not deserve the endorsement of the Chicago Tribune or the Daily Herald. These reputable papers should rescind their endorsement of Morrison immediately.





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