The Koch brothers’ backed Illinois Policy Institute is back on the Rauner train. After bashing Rauner for a few months, Illinois Policy Institute’s John Tillman penned an op-ed in the pro-Rauner Chicago Tribune praising him.

“If Gov. Bruce Rauner wins re-election, it’s likely Illinois will have another four years of political rancor and disagreement over the state budget. That’s mostly because the governor was unwilling to back down when sent a deficit-spending budget forced through the General Assembly at the last minute,” Tillman gushed.

Oh, yes, Rauner is such a man of courage which is why he voted with the Democrats against Republicans on party platform busting social bills.

Get this straight: Tillman, whose groups receive millions of dollars from Rauner and his donors and the anti-Trump Koch brothers. Tillman was even called the “De facto governor” by Chicago Magazine due to his influence and close financial ties to Rauner. In July 2017, Rauner even fired his staff and tapped Tillman’s groupies from Illinois Policy Institute for key positions in his Administration and his re-election campaign. The relationship began to sour after the Illinois Policy Institute staffers fell apart at the seams in just 88 days. Laughable incompetence.

Crain’s reporter Greg Hinz has written that there was also deal in the works to cede control over Illinois GOP legislative races to John Tillman and his surrogate Dan Proft in return for a $30 million fundraising effort. Tillman and Proft deny any such deal.

All was going well for Tillman until GOP voters rebelled against Rauner’s betrayal on make it or break it Republican platform issues. Mr. Tillman was growing in wealth, power and influence until August 2017 when Rauner joined Democrats and the left-wing Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition and made the Trust Act.  The bill makes Illinois a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants. When Rauner signed HB40 to expand taxpayer-funded abortion rights in Illinois,

Tillman knew the jig was up and he had to speak out against Rauner or risk losing his group’s conservative support.

“Benedict Rauner going back on his word and signing HB40,” Tillman wrote in a Facebook post. “Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, a politician loses when he gives his word too many people and goes back on it, including to Cardinal [Blase] Cupich.”

Tillman and his Illinois Policy Institute hacks didn’t really care about abortion (which is clear from Tillman’s facebook post), illegal immigration or supporting President Trump.

Why should Tillman care? The Koch brothers represent the pro-amnesty, pro-abortion wing of the Republican Party. This explains why the Illinois Policy Institute never mentions illegal immigration or abortion on its website or social media.

The only question left is how much has Rauner promised Tillman, Pat Hughes, Dan Proft, and the Illinois Policy Institute this time?



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