Rauner allies are behind a new website called, “Save Your Home Now.” The group is spending millions on television and online to convince taxpayers to support Rauner’s candidates in the 2018 election. (Read on to see what pro-Rauner candidates this phony website is backing.)

The ads are paid for by Liberty Principles PAC, a group that receives millions of dollars in donations directly from Bruce Rauner and his donors. Since Rauner’s election, the PAC has viciously attacked conservative Republican candidates who dared to oppose Rauner’s liberal social and fiscal policies.

Rauner’s donations also paid for the faux political newspaper operation run by Liberty Principles PAC, which smears GOP candidates opposed to Rauner. The TV and online ads include headlines from the bogus political papers.

The phony “Save Your Home Now “group is supporting these candidates:

  • Rep. Tom Morrison (R-54), an ally of Governor Rauner
  • Former Rep. Dwight Kay (R-112), who received thousands of dollars from Rauner and his PACs
  • Rep. Peter Breen (R-48), a fierce Rauner loyalist
  • Rep. Tonia Khouri (R-49), another Republican who benefitted from thousands in contributions from Bruce Rauner
  • Rep. Mark Batinick (R-97), another Rauner loyalist

Other candidates the Rauner group is supporting include:

  1. Jason Plummer (R-54)
  2. Seth McMillan (R-48)
  3. Dr. Jay Kinzler (R-46)
  4. Barett Davie (R-29)
  5. Alyssa Benford (R-98)
  6. Dan Caulkins (R-101)
  7. John Cabello (R-68)
  8. Jillian Bernas (R-56)
  9. Ammie Kessem (R-19)
  10. Marilyn Smolenski (R-55)

Rauner’s greedy allies at Save Your Home Now don’t care about taxpayers but they do care about winning elections and they can’t with Rauner’s disapproval at 62%.

Democrats aren’t the only ones disgusted with Rauner. Republican voters in Illinois are fed up with the unpopular turncoat Governor, who turned his back on conservatives when he signed Senate Bill 31, the Trust Act, which turned Illinois into a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants. Rauner also signed HB40 into law, expanding taxpayer-funded abortion on demand in Illinois.

No going back from that, Governor.

Voters, beware of Rauner’s treachery this election season.



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