Real GOP Illinois has learned that field operatives for unpopular Gov. Bruce Rauner are intimidating candidates at newly organized Republican Club events. GOP voters who attended the Southwest Side GOP Club last week told Real GOP Illinois that organizers attacked candidates from the podium that “didn’t like Bruce Rauner.” A field operative for Bruce Rauner was in attendance, directing who could speak and who could not.

Rich Munnich, a candidate for Cook County Board President, lashed out at organizers of the Southwest Side Republican Club for their anti-free speech tactics.  He accused organizers of propping up certain candidates and attacking others. Offended by the group’s tactics, an unnamed woman with a toddler in the audience angrily accused organizer Michael V. Walsh and 19th ward committeeman Steven Graves of censorship and said that the group wasn’t for Republicans and that 19th ward Republicans still had no home. Disgusted, the woman and her toddler left the sparsely attended event.

In 2017, the Chicago Republican Party attempted to remove Graves from his Republican post over his Democrat voting record. Earlier this year, Walsh copped out of the race for Cook County Sheriff after failing to get the basic number of signatures required to file.



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