Wow- great timing.

Rauner released his new online campaign ad riding a Harley right after Trump called for a boycott of Harley.

President Donald Trump backed boycotting American motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson Inc (HOG.N),  the latest salvo in a dispute between the company and Trump over tariffs on steel.

U.S. Steel — the second largest American steel producer — announced that it would restart the furnaces in Granite City, Ill., and call back 500 employees that were laid off in 2015 less than a week after Trump slapped steep new 25 percent tariffs on imported steel back in March.

In June, Trump made his first visit back to Illinois to celebrate the U.S. Steel plant’s reopening as a success story. “After years of shutdowns and cutbacks today the blast furnace here in Granite City is blazing bright, workers are back on the job and we are once again pouring new American steel into the spine of our country,” Trump told a crowd of steelworkers in Illinois.

Rauner was a no-show at the Granite City event and refused to meet with President Trump.

No wonder Rauner’s riding alone in the ad.



1 thought on “Tone deaf Rauner releases Harley ad after Trump boycott”

  1. Rauner is an embarrassment. He is a cartoon character, or a muppet. Can’t wait till he’s publicly humiliated in November.

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