Conservatives, we have been betrayed again. We’ve been had. Illinois State GOP co-chairman Mark Shaw has tapped a Never Trumper, Helene Walsh, wife of anti-Trump former Rep. Joe Walsh, a supporter of Governor Rauner, to fill Nick Sauer’s 51st district seat and appear on the November 2018 ballot. This is political cronyism of the worst kind.

Rep. Nick Sauer was forced to resign in scandal two weeks ago after he was caught “catfishing” young men online using nude photos of his ex-girlfriend. Sauer’s fake social media accounts were exposed after an ex-girlfriend filed a police complaint. The Illinois GOP sure can pick them.

Joe and Helene Walsh, who endorsed Bruce Rauner in 2014, are vocal Never Trumpers. The couple also backed Judge Roy Moore – but they despise President Trump. Last month, Walsh called Trump a “traitor” and says he “will never support Trump again.

Walsh and his wife are two of the most ferocious Never Trumpers on the political stage. Trump has the support of the Republican Party’s base but he is despised by the GOP establishment and big money donors like the Koch brothers. Joe and Helene Walsh have abandoned the conservative base (were they ever conservative?) to align with the moneyed Never Trump elite and soak up any national media attention they can get.

Illinois State GOP Co-Chairman Mark Shaw is not a conservative either. He was endorsed by Rep. Jeanne Ives and conservative voters were told he would look out for their interests but that was a lie. 

BACKGROUND – Ives backed Mark Shaw so her friends could get Rauner goodies

After Rep. Jeanne Ives lost the March GOP primary, against Rauner her backers, John Tillman of the Illinois Policy Institute and Dan Proft of Liberty Principles PAC set their sights on a new target: Illinois GOP chairman Tim Schneider.

Ives backed Mark Shaw and conservatives WERE TOLD Shaw’s appointment was a big victory for conservatives. It was no victory at all.

To avoid a leadership fight, Governor Rauner agreed to appoint Lake County GOP County Chairman Mark Shaw as a co-chairman of the state GOP and Tim Schneider would remain chairman of the Illinois GOP.

After Shaw was named co-chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, Shaw immediately endorsed Bruce Rauner for re-election. Ives said nothing. John Tillman said nothing. Dan Proft said nothing. They said nothing because the fix was in and it was time to get more goodies from Bruce Rauner.

Rauner started doling out goodies to Ives and her friends. Last week, Shaw was named to the influential Teachers Retirement System Board, a group that doles out lucrative pension business contracts. Voters who have been paying attention know this is how Rauner became a millionaire/billionaire and the Governor has made more money in office than he did as a private citizen.

How can that be?

In the end, it’s all about the money. 

John Tillman, Pat Hughes, Dan Proft and other backers of Ives are all Raunerites; they have made millions of dollars from endorsing/supporting/taking orders from Rauner. From 2012- 2017, Rauner showered Tillman’s Illinois Policy Institute, Proft’s Illinois Opportunity Project and Liberty Principles PAC with millions of dollars and these groups, in turn, are Rauner’s political servants. It never mattered to these “conservatives” that Rauner was a left-wing, pro-amnesty, pro-abortion Democrat with a history of corrupt alliances. They are still on the Rauner gravy train – never mind what they say in public.

John Tillman and his friends (Hughes, Proft, etc.) were never actually upset about the income tax hike – many of the officials they support voted for it. They were never upset about Rauner signing a Democrat bill to make Illinois a sanctuary state – once again, many of their candidates voted for it. They were never upset that Rauner made taxpayer-funded abortion on demand law.

Dan Proft and John Tillman are funded by the anti-Trump Koch brothers network, a group that is funding pro-abortion, pro-illegal immigration Democrats this year. Illinois Policy Institute has never stood up against abortion or illegal immigration – it is a pro-amnesty group.

The Illinois Republican Party may never recover from Bruce Rauner’s term as Governor. He has destroyed the Republican Party’s chances for years to come.

Who should we blame?

The conservatives who helped elect Rauner in 2014. They are the same group of thugs who got Mark Shaw elected co-chairman of the Illinois GOP and sold us out.



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