I spy with my Illinois eye.

Downstate here.

The big news is that I saw my first Sam McCann for Governor yard sign downstate the other day.

The sign was in a downstate county that is succeeding economically.  I know what you’re thinking and yes- there ARE economically successful downstate areas.

In 2014, more than 70% of the votes in this county went to Bruce Rauner.  These voters were all for shaking up Springfield and fightin’ Madigan.  In 2016, Trump received almost 3 out of every 4 votes here.   And this past primary season, Ives beat Rauner by more than 12 points in this area.   Ives was the beneficiary of thousands of ‘Not Rauner‘ voters and conservative GOP platform voters. 

These disaffected conservative voters won’t be supporting Rauner in 2018. They will either support McCann or they won’t vote. The local Republican party hacks keep flogging us with the “Madigan, Madigan, Madigan” message and it’s getting very, very, very old. McCann is the candidate that aligns with their values – not Rauner.

Rauner told us that he knew how to handle guys like Madigan.   He told us that the term limit initiative was going to get on the ballot.  He told us his values aligned with the Republican party platform.  He told us Illinois has a system of government that gives the governor strong powers.   None of it was true and he’s asking us for his vote again?  Based on what?

The Illinois GOP’s message: Give Rauner 4 more years and then he’ll figure out how to whip that sneaky Madigan. Rauner showed up recently and complained about Pritzker in a blue collar town where the average household income is $50,000. Rauner’s pitch: “He’s [Pritzker’s] got more money than me”. That’s a new kind of populism from the near billionaire with 9 houses who tripled his income while in office.  Talk about tone deaf.

And here’s best one…you can’t let Pritzer win because that will give Madigan all that power.     Rauner told us Madigan has all the power already and he has kept you, the Governor, from getting anything done.

Umm – nope.  Doesn’t work that way.

Rauner, you had your chance and now it just sounds like whining and complaining and making excuses.   You signed HB40, you wanted the tax increase so the media wouldn’t call you “Governor Downgrade.”  You set up a quick override vote by keeping everyone in Springfield.  You signed the  “Trust Act” that made Illinois a sanctuary state. You allowed excessive economic damage to hit Downstate and told us that it was for some greater good.

There isn’t enough time or money to turn around Republican voters who are in the ‘not Rauner’ camp downstate.  They won’t vote for Pritzker but they can support pro-life Republican Sen. McCann.




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