Real GOP Illinois predicted it and we were right: Dan Proft’s Liberty Principles PAC is still sucking at the Rauner money trough.  Richard Uihlein, one of Rauner’s biggest donors, sneaked in a $3.5 million contribution to Proft’s PAC over the weekend.

Proft is using the funds to help Rauner-tied candidates in the 2018 general election, just as he has been doing for the last four years of Rauner rule.

Under fire from conservative voters, after Rauner signed bills for illegal immigration and taxpayer-funded abortion in fall 2017, Proft and Tillman publicly condemned Rauner but now it looks like both are back on the Rauner gravy train.

Conservatives voters should note that Rauner was an extreme social liberal on issues of abortion, amnesty for illegal immigrants, pro-H-2B foreign worker visas, and liberal on LGBTQ rights BEFORE he was elected in November 2014.  Realizing his liberal record would hurt him with Republican voters, Rauner enlisted the help of John Tillman, Dan Proft, and Pat Hughes and the not-for-profit groups and PACs they control, such as Illinois Policy Institute, Illinois Opportunity Project, Liberty Principles PAC, and a large block of Illinois Tea Party groups (yes, they backed and endorsed Rauner in 2014!)

Why did these Illinois conservatives help elect Rauner in 2014? Answer: These groups are tied to and funded by the globalist Koch brothers network, which advocates an anti-Trump, pro-amnesty, pro-abortion, anti-trade tariff, pro-subsidy agenda. Is it any wonder the Koch brothers wanted to help Rauner get elected? Is it any wonder the Kochs fund Illinois Policy Institute, a pro-amnesty, pro-abortion, anti-Trump group?

John Tillman and Dan Proft have received millions of dollars from Rauner. What did conservative voters get in return? In 2017, Rauner signed Democrat-backed bills expanding taxpayer-funded abortion on demand and turned Illinois into a sanctuary for illegal immigrants (Proft’s candidate Sen. McConchie voted in favor of the pro-illegal immigration bill). Rauner fake-vetoed the biggest tax increase in Illinois history and had his “paid for by” legislators (Proft/Liberty Principles PAC candidates) vote for the tax increase and the override of his fake veto. Yes, Illinois voters you’ve been chumped.

Last week the Koch brothers announced their “conservative network” will actually oppose Trump Republicans and back Democrats who support illegal immigration and oppose Trump’s tariffs. Republicans are not Republicans in Illinois and our conservative leaders are Democrats.

Angry about taxpayer-funded abortion and Illinois’ sanctuary state status? Blame Bruce Rauner, John Tillman, and Dan Proft.

Since 2014, Proft has served as the Rauner’s hatchet man. Rauner and his Turnaround Illinois PAC transferred $6 million to Liberty Principles PAC and millions to Illinois Opportunity Project (Proft is a board member) and Proft used those funds to attack Republican and pro-life conservative candidates who were not pre-approved by Bruce Rauner.

Illinois Opportunity Project contributed $1 million to Democrat Rep. Ken Dunkin. The Proft group gave Dunkin another $500,000 AFTER his violent criminal record became public.

Real GOP Illinois believes voters should think twice before supporting any candidates backed by Rauner’s biggest donor, Richard Uihlein.




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