I spy with my Illinois eye.

Downstate here.

Well, that didn’t take long.  Trump is having success with his trade policies and the first group to throw him under the bus are the top income earning corn and soybean farmers in Illinois.   Do you wonder why they’re only talking about SOYBEAN farmers and not CORN farmers?  Do you know they rotate the crops and are growing only about 1/2 of one crop and 1/2 of the other at any one time? Good question and there’s a good answer.

But first… a joke.

You’ve all seen the ball caps farm suppliers give farmers for free. You’ve also probably seen how the bills are curled down at the edges. Why is this?

So a farmer’s head can poke further into their mailbox looking for their government check.

But wait- aren’t all farmers just ‘salt of the earth’ people who are working the land to make a meager living?  Ummmm…..No.   Not. Even. Close.

The top 1% of the farmers are just like the top 1% of the income bracket anywhere else.   They suck up all the available (government subsidy) cash and somehow say they ‘deserve’ more.     Why?  Because they were born into a 2nd or 3rd generation family that farms thousands of acres?  Ok, sure.  You’re a self-made man.  Go with that.

Let’s review the farmer ‘point of view’ regarding Trump’s trade battles.

ABC 7 coverage included this farmer quote:

But while the aid package and the deal come as a relief to some, it’s not the way Manhattan’s John Kiefner wants to make his money, a lot of which comes from sales of soybeans to China.

“It’s a band-aid right now,” said Kiefner. “I would prefer to get my income from a Chinese grain buyer than from a USDA bailout or from an insurance revenue payment.

Says the guy who has received $357,194.13 in farm subsidies from you and me- the taxpayer.

Let’s look at NBC Chicago’s coverage:

Like her father before her, Nicole Issert grows soybeans near Peotone.

“I personally don’t think it’s the right to do,” Issert said. “I think we are fighting people who are more or less our friends and our allies and people we have a good trading system with.”

Still, both disagree with the proposed plan to offset the effects of the tariffs.

“I don’t like handouts,” Kestel said. “I want to go out and grow the soybeans. I want to do this on my own.”    

– Says the guy who gladly took $491,065.46 in farm subsidies from you and me- the taxpayer.

“We would rather have the market price higher and earn our money that way instead of being given money from the government,” Issert said. 

– Says the 2nd generation landed gentry whose family received $861,598.61 in farm subsidies from you and me – the taxpayer. 

What this is really about is Trump’s plan to offer zero subsidies and zero tariffs.

President Donald Trump and European Union leaders announced Wednesday they have agreed to work toward “zero tariffs” and “zero subsidies” on non-automobile goods and would work to resolve U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum imports that have roiled European markets.

Keep in mind that America’s biggest farms grab 83% of the subsidies.   The remaining 80% of the farms split up the left over 17% of the subsidies.    Big Ag is not a friend of Trump and never has been.  Big Ag doesn’t speak for the regular farmer or even the average farmer.

Big ag speaks for the rich top 10% of the farmers who are sitting pretty, gorging at the public trough all while complaining about Government being too big.

President Trump is finally standing up to Big Ag. Thank you, Mr. President!






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