Illinois Senator and Conservative Party gubernatorial candidate Sam McCann has filed legislation to undo a $180 million grant from Illinois’ Road Fund supporting the Obama Presidential Library, committing the money instead to road and bridge repairs in downstate Illinois. The grant was part of the budget reached in June and authorized by incumbent Gov. Bruce Rauner.

That’s right, Bruce Rauner, the “Republican” forked over $180 million in taxpayer funds to support the Obama Library – a project that isn’t even popular on Chicago’s South Side!

McCann issued the following statement:

Today, I am calling on my fellow legislators to join me in making the fiscally responsible decision to put this $180 million back in our Road Fund.

Illinois hasn’t had a comprehensive capital bill since 2010 and the American Society of Civil Engineers gave our roads a “D” grade last year. If we cannot provide Central and Southern Illinois with safe and efficient roads, we cannot afford to pump money into high-profile luxury projects.

Citizens in Central and Southern Illinois are counting on us to make sure that their tax dollars make a positive difference in their lives, and that is what this bill will do. It also sends an important message that we will support economic development efforts throughout the entire State of Illinois.


The state’s grant of $180 million for road work related to the construction of the Obama Presidential Center in Hyde Park has become an issue in the race for governor—a predictable but still nasty little twist in a project that continues to face lots of criticism.



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