In September, Governor Bruce Rauner signed a bill expanding public financing for abortions in Illinois. The bill, HB40, permits abortion coverage by state employee health insurance and Medicaid funds. The proposal also safeguards abortion access by striking statutory language expressing the state’s intent to criminalize the procedure if the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized it is ever overturned.

“I believe a woman should have the right to make that choice herself and I do not believe that choice should be determined by income. I do not think it’s fair to deny poor women the choice that wealthy women have. That is why I am signing HB40,” Rauner said at the time.

Rauner was openly pro-abortion in 2014 and his conservative supporters knew it

The Governor’s conservative supporters/received his donations said they were shocked by his decision notwithstanding his extreme pro-abortion record. In 2014, Rauner was openly pro-abortion as a Republican candidate and proud of his record as a major donor to Planned Parenthood. During Illinois’ three-year budget impasse, he signed off on $1.5 million in taxpayer grants to Planned Parenthood and in April 2017 proudly donated $50,000 to sponsor an Illinois Planned Parenthood fundraiser. Rauner and his liberal wife also support the anti-Trump ACLU.

What has Rauner’s actions wrought for Illinois taxpayers?

A Freedom of Information Act request reveals that the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services showed 84 abortions from January to June last year. The same time period this year, there were 314 abortions. That’s a 274 percent increase of taxpayer-funded abortions.

Abortion foes say the number is preliminary and when the program gets ramped up, the numbers will increase 10 fold.

For the first six months of 2017, the HFS document showed the provider charge amount for the 84 procedures was $129,467, with a total payment of $14,995.29. For the same time period in 2018 for the 314 procedures, the provider charge amount was $426,583 with a payment total of $24,389. The state mandates that it is the payor of last resort.

“Providers have 180 days from the date of service to submit a claim to HFS for fee-for-service claims or to the contractual managed care entity for managed care claims,” the HFS report said. “There may be an additional 90-day lag for managed care claims to be available.”

How much is Rauner paying conservative leaders this time around?

Rauner’s conservative supporters say they are still outraged at Rauner for making taxpayer-funded abortion law and for turning Illinois into a sanctuary state with SB31, the Trust Act, but what stand have they taken and are they back onboard the Rauner train?

Many of them are and the only issue is how much is Rauner paying them this time?



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