To The Decatur DailyI don’t know how you can do it. You continue to frame the the immigration crisis as a struggle between persecuted families yearning for a better life opposed by hard-hearted white nativists determined to maintain racial purity.

Right before your eyes, elements of both political parties are trying to impose slavery — not legal slavery, but economic and political slavery on a whole class of people. They talk humanity, but their purpose is profit and control:  1. Cheap labor from people who won’t or can’t complain; 2. A servant class who can be manipulated because of their lack of education and their dependence.

You deny that you are in favor of open borders, yet you oppose any workable effort to stanch the flow: a wall, zero tolerance, moratoriums, and most of all, deportation for those who broke the law getting here as a deterrent. Your idea of immigration reform is amnesty for all who will take a token pledge. You appear not to be concerned about what happens to children who arrive here unescorted. They vanish from their foster homes, and you don’t consider what hells are being imposed on them as they’re scattered through the country.

You refuse to say how many new immigrants is enough and you oppose setting standards for those we accept. You quote Emma Lazarus, but you don’t recognize that immigration was once a controlled process. You try to shame us for opposing this travesty while ignoring the results on the Americans impacted.

Speak up. Line it out. What is your idea of a compassionate and workable immigration policy without the platitudes, histrionics, and tear-jerking?

Franklin Johnson

Falkville, TN



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