During a stop at Western Illinois University, Governor Rauner claimed Illinois’ bill backlog was $10 billion when he took office. Was Illinois’ bill backlog $10 billion when Bruce Rauner took office in January 2014?

No, according to former Illinois comptroller Republican Judy Baar Topinka, the bill backlog was $6,545,568, 736 in December 2014.

One year later, Leslie Munger, who was appointed by Governor Rauner to fill Topinka’s seat and who now holds the title of Deputy Governor, reported a backlog of $5,415, 508, 937 in June 2015.

Governor, last time Real GOP Illinois checked, $6 billion was NOT $10 billion dollars.

Illinois comptroller Suzanna Mendoza issued a statement on Rauner’s claim.

“The backlog number the Governor’s office appears to be citing is from 2013. When Governor Rauner took office two years later, the bill backlog was just over $6.5 billion. When the budget enacted by his predecessor expired, the backlog was down to $5.03 billion. That number more than tripled on Governor Rauner’s watch, hitting a record high of $16.675 billion. The numbers don’t lie.”

Illinois’ current bill backlog is at $8,005,535.73 as of 4/2/2018 – three billion more than the $5 billion backlog left by Rauner’s Democrat predecessor, Pat Quinn.

Keep up the good work, Governor.






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