Sen. Sam McCann, who has launched a Conservative Party bid for Illinois Governor, slammed Governor Bruce Rauner in an interview with WEEK-TV last night.

McCann was asked, among other things, if he supported President Trump. Here’s a quick transcript of that part of the interview…

I definitely do. He’s our President. He’s our commander-in-chief…We’ve reached a time and a place where if we disagree with someone we vilify that person. We fight against that person. We try to bring about that person’s demise. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be because no two people have ever agreed 100 percent of the time on 100 percent of the issues. There’s a lot of folks who want President Trump to fail just because he’s a Republican or just because he’s Trump or just because of the way he Tweets or some of the things he says. I think it’s incumbent upon us as Americans to hope that our president succeeds regardless of his politics, regardless of whether we agree with him or not. You should respect him and hope that he’s successful in guiding the nation, working with Congress to make it a better country, and thereby a better world. So I don’t agree with everything he Tweets. I don’t agree with how he says every single thing, but I agree with the vast majority of what he’s doing.

McCann also accused Rauner of buying the Illinois GOP:

Bruce Rauner knew a good fire sale when he saw one. He knew that to be Governor of Illinois…he was going to have to acquire one of the two parties. He knew the Democratic Party was too strong even though he had typically voted as a Democrat. That would have been the natural direction for him. He knew that there were already too many strong leaders statewide in that party, especially Madigan, and it would cost too much. He also realized that, at the time in 2012, 2013 when he was making this decision, that the Illinois Republican Party was devoid of any statewide leadership and that he could buy the party at a fire sale, and that’s what he did.

McCann has until June 25 to muster the 25,000 signatures he needs to appear on the ballot. When asked yesterday about the status of that effort, the Senator responded, “Things are going really well. I am confident we will file with the requisite number of signatures, and then some.”



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