Is Rauner trying to mend fences with President Trump? After two-years of anti-Trump rhetoric, is it too late for the embattled Illinois Governor to make amends?

Rauner desperate to make amends with Trump?

You decide

During a Tuesday visit to a tool and die shop in Belleville, Rauner praised the Congress and FINALLY the Trump White House:

We want to build things in America, we want people hiring in America, and we want everyone buying American. Build, buy American. And we want to build and buy Illinois products. Illinois, good made, homegrown products That’s what Chelar is, that’s what you guys do, and that’s what I’m fighting for every day. I’m very proud of what’s been going on in the Federal government, Congress, and the White House. They’re making sure that we get a strong economy, that we’re bringing manufacturing back to America, we’re getting fair trade deals, we’re getting the tax burden down, the regulatory burden down on businesses – that’s one of the reasons we got a strong economy going around the nation. I want to do the same thing in Illinois. – Bruce Rauner

Watch the video here.

Nonetheless, Trump is the elephant who never forgets or forgives and, frankly, Rauner has waited too long to make amends. Too little, too late and the damage is YUGE.

Rauner’s anti-Trump history

Let’s recap Rauner’s anti-Trump history:

In March 2016, Rauner promised to back the eventual Republican nominee for President, regardless of the victor. After the Illinois primary, Rauner changed his mind and refused to formally endorse Trump. He also declined to lead the Illinois delegation at the GOP convention in Cleveland. To make matters worse, he didn’t even bother to attend the National GOP Convention at all – the political equivalent of thumbing his nose at Trump.

Did Rauner think Trump would not notice?

Trump made a campaign stop in Chicago in July 2016 and Governor Rauner snubbed him again.

He didn’t endorse Trump for President. At the 2016 Columbus Day Parade in Chicago, he said he didn’t endorse Trump for President and lashed out at Trump for comments made on to Ryan Seacrest on the NBC released audio tape.

“The rhetoric, the language, the statements in that tape that’s recently come out — disgusting, appalling, outrageous, beyond any reasonable bounds of decency,” Rauner said. Rauner refused to offer any criticism of Hillary Clinton, her email scandal or her anti-religious bigotry.

After Trump’s victory, Rauner offered no congratulations. He skipped the President’s inauguration and boycotted Trump’s dinner with 46 U.S. governors at the White House in early 2017. Rauner has refused to mention Trump’s name in two years.

If Real GOP Illinois were Donald J. Trump, we wouldn’t forgive Rauner either.



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