During an interview with CLTV’s Paul Lisnek on Monday, state Rep. Jeanne Ives went on a tear against Gov. Bruce Rauner and Tim Schneider, the Illinois Republican Party chairman the governor is backing. Ives, who lost to Rauner in the March primary, also accused Rauner of shifting blame on the 13 veterans deaths at a state-run home in Quincy, Illinois.

LISNEK: Before I leave this topic I just wanted to get your reaction to the Darlene Senger— I know you know her well— but that e-mail. Obviously, she never intended that to be public, but nevertheless, ‘Hey maybe we can put this back on Tammy Duckworth,’ who you know is a decorated war veteran, served this country. What was your reaction to that?

IVES: Listen, it’s unfortunate that she would ever try to link this Quinn administration that was years before the Rauner administration. Granted, I will give her this though, that for decades both the Democrats and the Republicans have not set aside money to do the maintenance that is required in many of our areas. In fact, I know we’re $21 billion per year behind on infrastructure improvements and much of that goes to our state facilities. So I think there’s some blame to be shared, but you don’t blame-shift when you had 13 deaths and then you failed to actually move those Veterans out of an unsafe condition. Nobody should be blaming that on anybody but the Rauner administration.

And then there’s this exchange.

Lisnek: “If polls look close come November and it looks like Pritzker could pull it out, would that be enough of a scare for you to look at your supporters and say it’s ok, vote Rauner?”

Ives: “I can’t predict what the future’s going to look like, umm, in a few months, so we’ll just see what’s going on.



1 thought on “Ives accuses Rauner of blame shifting on 13 veteran deaths at Quincy home”

  1. I’m not sure how many “supporters” Ives has. I suspect a lot of her 48% would have voted for a cockroach not named Bruce Rauner.

    Sure, some, maybe most really like Ives. Those that I know voted for her only because she was not Bruce Rauner.

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