In an interview with Chicago Tonight, Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Kash Jackson, who says he is “personally pro-life,” compared abortion to Prohibition. Jackson also says he is a big fan of the Rauner-funded Illinois Policy Institute.

When questioned by Chicago Tonight’s Eddie Aruzza on whether he would have signed the controversial HB40 bill, signed last fall by Governor Rauner, expanding taxpayer money to subsidize abortions for women who receive Medicaid or are on state insurance, Jackson said he would not prohibit abortions.

“I am a pro-life candidate,” Jackson said. “Prohibition is something we should have learned from that did not work. I’m not an advocate of a prohibition on abortion.” (video at 6:12 mark)

In 2014, Bruce Rauner was also slippery on the issue of abortion to win the hotly contested GOP primary and the general election.

When asked whether he was pro-choice or pro-life, Rauner told a conservative group:

I’m very direct with my views. My issue is that we need to be respectful – as Republicans – we need to be respectful of each other’s feelings.

I have some of the most socially-conservative leaders in our state helping our campaign – Jack Roeser, John Schultz – who built that beautiful 75 (198) foot cross outside of Effingham – a leader – he’s co-chair of my campaign, and Jack Roeser is socially-conservative … Matt Kibbe – a leader at national Freedom Works – he’s on our campaign.

We have some of the most conservative folks in the state, and some of the most socially-moderate and socially-liberal Republicans in the state. “I respect everyone’s views, and my point is that we have to unite to win. I’m not going to change your views, and you’re not going to change my views.

I strongly encourage adoption as a far better alternative to abortion. There are things we can agree on and try to get it done.

Many anti-abortion advocates now view the term “personally pro-life” as code for candidates willing to accept pro-abortion positions.

Governor Rauner earned the wrath of conservative voters last fall when he signed two bills: one, HB40 which expands taxpayer-funded abortion and SB 31, known as the “Trust Act,” turning Illinois into a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants.

Jackson is also weak on illegal immigration.

Last week on AM 560, when Jackson was questioned on the issue of sanctuary states and illegal immigration, he waffled on the issue.  He claimed he would need to review the sanctuary state issue and would not commit to a position on whether cities and states should be allowed to protect illegal immigrants from federal deportation.

“Because I’m a libertarian, I’m not a fan of helping the federal government to do their job (on illegal immigration). It is the federal government’s job to enforce illegal immigration and not the state’s job…One of the most complex issues we are facing on immigration is that we have people working and they’re willing to work and I would rather find a fiscally and morally responsible approach to naturalizing those responsible people that want to be American citizens,” Jackson said.

Jackson’s admission makes Sen. Sam McCann (R-Plainview), who is running as the Conservative Party’s candidate for Governor and William Kelly, the Constitution Party’s candidate, the only pro-life candidates running against Governor Bruce Rauner and Democrat J.B. Pritzker.




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  1. His position on immigration isn’t weak or waffling, it’s the constitutional law. States and local governments cannot be made to enforce federal law, nor do they have the jurisdiction. If they choose to assist it is voluntary and comes with payments from the Federal government. Nothing is stopping the Feds from paying for and enforcing their own laws.

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