I spy with my Illinois eye.

Downstate here.

Spring is the time that farmers have to plant.  They don’t have a choice because if they stop planting then their loans come due and the jig is up.

Is the jig up for Dan Proft and his Liberty Principles PAC?

Liberty Principles PAC started 2018 with $1,931,187.64 in the bank.  1/16/18 Dick Uihlein gave a $3 million dollar donation to Proft and Liberty Principles PAC. But the burn rate in the first quarter was 1.5 times the Uihlein donation at $4,531,807.02.

On 2/18/18 Proft sent out the infamous “fundraiser letter” to, among others, elderly, reliably Republican voters in Central Illinois.   This $12,375.53 was recorded with the Illinois Board of Elections as an independent expenditure in support of Mike Madigan.

Proft had to try to explain why he was spending money in support of Mike Madigan.

“RHA Marketing is a direct mail fundraising firm I use. A clerical person who works for my election attorney (and doesn’t know IL politics) made a data entry mistake because the direct mail fundraising letter in question mentioned Mike Madigan–as in winning the 9 seats we need in the House to depose Mike Madigan as Speaker–so she thought it was on his behalf,” he explained.

“No mailing was sent out on behalf of Mike Madigan. Again, in fact, it was a letter to raise money for my PAC for the explicit purpose of defeating Mike Madigan-backed House candidates and removing him as Speaker. It was an innocent, clerical error. That’s all,” Proft said in an email to Capitol Fax.

So how did that fundraising effort work out?

A look at the quarterly report filed with the Illinois Board of Elections for the period ending 3/31/18 shows that Proft raised exactly $0 from this fundraising effort.

The only money ‘raised’ in the quarter was that January donation from Dick Uihlein.   Remember Dick Uihlein was involved in the early effort to block Donald Trump’s Republican nomination.

Cash Flow Problems?

There have been no donations in the 6 weeks between the time the fundraising letter was sent out.  But there was money injected into Liberty Principles PAC.   Proft himself lent $95,000 to Liberty Principles PAC from his  Proft for Governor committee.

Coincidentally, the Proft for Governor committee got the $95,000 to loan to Liberty Principles PAC from none other than Dick Uihlein.

Watch for Proft to find another candidate (Not Rauner, Not McCann) to keep the jig going.

Real GOP has obtained a copy of the 2/18/18 fundraising letter sent out by Dan Proft.  P.O. Box 2390 located at  211 S Clark Street in Chicago apparently has no checks from supporters of Liberty Principles PAC.   We will discuss the contents of that fundraising letter in the next post.

Source: Illinois State Board of Elections

Since 2013, Rauner has donated $5 million or more to Dan Proft’s Liberty Principles PAC to destroy Rauner’s opponents in GOP primaries in favor of Proft’s candidates. According to Crain’s political reporter Greg Hinz, Rauner’s relationship with Proft soured after Proft wasn’t given control of GOP legislative races in 2017.




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