Conservative voters show no signs of forgiving Governor Bruce Rauner over his betrayal on abortion and illegal immigration. Last fall, Rauner signed two major Democrat bills to give Illinois sanctuary state status and forcing Illinois taxpayers to fund abortions on demand.

If conservative voters have forgotten, Sen. Sam McCann is running as the Conservative Party candidate to remind them and Rep. Dan Brady (R-Bloomington) says that could be a big problem for Rauner.


At least one Republican is expressing concern that a third-party candidate could tip the scales in the governor’s race.

State Rep. Dan Brady of Bloomington, told WJBC’s Scott Laughlin, if former Republican Sam McCann gets enough signatures to get on the ballot in November, he could take votes from Gov. Bruce Rauner in his reelection bid.

“Having a third-party candidate is something that I think people will take very much a serious look at,” Brady said.

Brady, the Illinois House Assistant Minority Leader who also said McCann can be a “force to be reckoned with” in his bid to run against Rauner and Democrat J.B. Pritzker.

“If he makes his 25,000 signatures, I think it has the potential to do harm foremost to Governor Rauner’s efforts to be reelected.,” Brady said.

Despite getting some union support, Brady said McCann will soon feel on an island because Democrats will focus on helping Pritzker more than they will try to split the Republican vote by backing McCann.

McCann needs to collect 25,000 signatures to run on the conservative party ticket.



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