Long before Jeanne Ives ran against Bruce Rauner for Governor, Rauner was attacking pro-life conservative candidates in Republican primaries. Rauner and his donors have plied Dan Proft’s Liberty Principles PAC with $5 million plus to viciously attack pro-life candidates, including Sen. Sam McCann who announced last week he was running as the Conservative Party candidate for Governor against Rauner in the 2018 general election.

Rauner, Proft tried to destroy McCann

Who can blame McCann for launching his third-party conservative bid after Rauner tried to destroy him just as he tried to destroy Ives?

Using Rauner dough, Proft mails political fliers resembling newspapers, such as Prarie State Wire and to voter households in key house and senate districts, using them to attack anti-Rauner candidates or to help his own “pet” candidates in Republican primaries. McCann was a major target of Proft’s Rauner-fueled attacks.

Rauner not interested in getting the votes of Ives supporters

Conservatives supported Ives after Rauner’s betrayal on fundamental GOP platform issues such as abortion and illegal immigration. In both tests, Rauner failed and sided with left-wing Democrats in the Illinois state legislature. Republican voters are still smarting over Rauner’s betrayals. One Proft “pet”, Sen. Dan McConchie, voted in favor of the Trust Act, the controversial sanctuary state bill Rauner signed into law last fall.

Ives and her supporters are still fuming over Rauner’s dishonest attacks in the Republican primary. Rauner spent millions attacking Ives as “Madigan’s favorite Republican,” reminding voters that she received a union donation. So angry was Ives at Rauner’s attacks that she has refused to speak or congratulate Rauner on his slim (read embarrassing) primary win. On April 9, an Ives spokesman called Rauner a “professional liar.”

Rauner and the Illinois GOP have done little to nothing to heal these wounds and the wounds are about to get even bigger. No apologies. No retractions.

McCann could get support from pro-life, disaffected Ives supporters 

Rauner needs Ives’ supporters if he has any hope of winning a general election against Democrat billionaire J.B. Pritzker; but now a new threat, pro-life Sen. Sam McCann, stands in his way as a Conservative Party candidate.

Rauner’s campaign is now employing the SAME ugly campaign tactics he employed against Rep. Jeanne Ives.

Rauner’s campaign:

“McCann’s time in Springfield has been mired in lies, scandal and self-dealing, which makes him the perfect crook to cut a deal with Madigan and Pritzker in an attempt to spoil the election for Illinois Republicans. Be on the lookout for McCann to receive a lucrative appointment or job from Pritzker or Madigan after the election, but in the meantime, Sam McCann will be exposed for what he is: a crooked politician who uses politics for profit.”

Wait a minute, Governor. Your four years in Springfield have been nothing but lies, scandal and self-dealing. Now you are calling a pro-life Republican state senator a Crook who wants a job from Madigan? You said the same thing about Jeanne Ives. You and Dan Proft have made the same claims against other conservative Republican candidates since you were elected.

When will you tell the truth, Governor?




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