The latest poll isn’t good news for Governor Bruce Rauner. Morning Consult released their tracking poll of governors’ approval ratings and Rauner’s net approval rating of -34, the lowest of any incumbent running for re-election. His approval is at 26% and his disapproval is at 60%…and climbing.

Morning Consult…

    Rauner dropped 10 percentage points in the first three months of the year…Three in 5 Illinois voters disapprove of Rauner’s job performance as he looks to hold off Democratic candidate J.B. Pritzker, a billionaire philanthropist and venture capitalist, in November.

Both Democrat billionaire J.B. Pritzker and millionaire vulture capitalist Rauner spent $100 per vote to secure wins in the March 20th primary. Pritzker spent a record $68.3 million to win the crowded Democratic primary at a cost of $119.04 per vote. He collected more than 573,000 votes, or 45.2 percent of the ballots cast, and won by nearly 20 percentage points based on unofficial vote totals. Rauner spent $37 million and received 51.4 % of the vote or $102.33 per vote. 

Rauner’s pitiful primary performance has left him limping into the general election race with Pritzker, an heir to the Hyatt Hotel fortune.

Rauner’s political fortunes reversed last summer when Democrats pushed Rauner into a kill box with two key bills on abortion and illegal immigration and the failed governor quickly appeased the left, signing both bills – one, HB40, which expands taxpayer-funded abortion on demand; and two, SB31, known as the “Trust Act,” surrendering Illinois to open border advocates and turning Illinois into a sanctuary state. Rauner denies he betrayed conservative voters by supporting the legislation.

Conservative voters believe otherwise and Rauner will have a tough-to-impossible job convincing a pro-life/anti-illegal immigration voter he deserves their support.

Rauner’s support for this polarizing legislation isn’t the only thing working against him in the general election.

Sen. Sam McCann hasn’t formally announced his general election plans; will he run as an independent candidate for Illinois state senate or will he run as a third party conservative party candidate for Governor. If McCann runs for Governor, pro-life voters will have an option to vote for McCann and not Rauner.

In 2014, Rauner had a big advantage over unpopular Governor Pat Quinn: He wasn’t the incumbent. He was a political newcomer. He could make promises with no history of failed promises to haunt him on the campaign trail. Rauner also had an unlimited war chest against a candidate without one and spent $26 million of his own fortune. Despite all of Rauner’s advantages, Rauner only bested Quinn by a small margin 50.3% to 46.4%.

In 2018, Rauner has none of these advantages – other than the money – and his failed record won’t help him with Democrats, independents, conservatives, or mainstream Republicans.




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