Did Rep. Jeanne Ives throw the March 20th primary to Rauner? Let Real GOP Illinois count the reasons why Ives could have/would have bungled the primary race. There was only one way for Ives to lose on March 20th – she threw it!

1. Ives didn’t need to do anything to defeat Rauner; he had already defeated himself. 

In just twelve months, Rauner signed legislation making Illinois a sanctuary state; he signed legislation forcing taxpayers to pay for abortion on demand; he pretended to veto tax increases and directed his Republican generals to vote to override his veto, handing a major tax increase victory to the Democrats. Rauner’s wounds were self-inflicted and all Ives needed to do on March 20th was show up.

2. How could Ives lose in a one-to-one match-up?

The Illinois GOP typically throws in a spoiler to split the primary vote and help its Republican incumbents. This time, no spoiler. What is Ives’ excuse for losing?

3. Ives had plenty of money. 

Ives raised in excess of $5 million dollars – more than enough to be competitive against a wounded Rauner. To win, Ives needed social and fiscal conservatives to turn out to vote with a small percentage of mainstream Republican voter converts. After Rauner’s pitiful Chicago Tribune interview, Ives could have claimed the GOP primary as a credible candidate. Instead, Ives immediately launched a bizarre TV ad that turned off mainstream GOP voters, conservative voters, and made her unelectable. The ridiculous ad, another dimwitted strategy by Dan Proft, belittled conservative values with its cheap shots. Big mistake.

4. Ives and her campaign team profited from Rauner since 2013.

Until late last fall, Ives was a passionate Rauner supporter and received thousands of dollars in campaign donations from him. She was a late entry into the Governor’s race, establishing her committee in early December 2017. If she had announced her candidacy earlier, she might have had real momentum and name recognition in time for the March 20th primary.

5. Ives was an echo, not a voice; other conservatives spoke out against Rauner early when it really counted.

Ives was silent during the passage of the Trust Act, which anti-illegal immigration activists say makes Illinois a sanctuary state and that Rauner signed with the happy cooperation of left-wing immigrant and refugee coalition activists and senior members of the Illinois Democrat party.  She was silent in the days leading up to the passage of HB40, a bill which forces taxpayers to fund abortion.

Ives spoke out on the issues only months after the damage was done. Ives was an echo, not a voice. Real GOP Illinois has been one of the voices speaking out.

6. Ives’ advisors from Illinois Opportunity Project are top well-paid Rauner operatives.

Top Rauner operatives from Illinois Opportunity Project manned her campaign team. Rauner paid Dan Proft, a key Ives’ advisor, millions of dollars to do his bidding from 2014-2017.  Ives & Friends admitted they knew Rauner’s history of pro-abortion donations and connections with left-wing Democrat groups but the promise of Rauner’s money and power was too strong and they jumped onboard the Rauner train in 2013. Illinois Opportunity Project paid a liberal Democrat with a criminal record for battery $1 million-plus last year.

7. No way Ives, Proft, and John Tillman can apologize for helping Bruce Rauner.

Illinois’ faux conservatives sold out the real conservative and Republican voters of Illinois and they did it for money. Ives, Proft, John Tillman, Pat Hughes, and the Illinois Opportunity Project can apologize all they want; the damage they have done is irreversible but, hey, at least they got paid.

If Rauner is, by some chance in hell, re-elected, will Ives, Proft, and the gang be back suckling Rauner’s wallet?

Immediately after her primary loss, Ives told members of the media she would vote for Bruce Rauner this November because he is the party’s nominee but she will not endorse him.

But she will vote for him.






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