Remember when Rauner and Dan Proft viciously attacked pro-life Sen. Sam McCann (R-Plainview)? Real GOP Illinois does. We remember it all too well. Governor Rauner spent $5 million against McCann in a botched/bungled campaign effort mismanaged by Proft. After the political dust settled, McCann emerged triumphant in a real-life David v. Goliath saga. Dan Proft knows how to spent money but proved he doesn’t know how to win campaigns.

McCann told a Pittsfield audience Tuesday what really went down between him and the Governor.

McCann said he was called to Rauner’s office “a couple of times” to talk about the Senate Bill 1229, with the final meeting being the day the Senate was to vote to override Rauner’s veto. He said Rauner suggested he skip the vote if he wouldn’t vote no, but made it clear that there was “one way to make him angry,” which would be a “yes” vote.

“And he looked at me, and said, ‘I’ll destroy you and your family if you go through with this,’” McCann said.

And I said, ‘Governor, here’s the deal. I would rather do what I know is right in my heart and face you and your people in a primary than have to face my constituents tomorrow and not be able to look ‘em in the eye.’ … And I also didn’t want to have to look my son (now 15), and the rest of my family, in the eye and explain to them why I was a coward.” McCann’s district represents thousands of state workers and union employees.

If Rauner wins Tuesday’s primary against Jeanne Ives, will McCann run as an independent for Governor or will he run as an independent for state senate? McCann says he will make his final decision in mid-April.



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