Rauner is bleeding from a case of extreme social liberalism and is in want of a political tourniquet before the March 20th primary against Ives. Without a challenge from the right, would Rauner have vetoed the Democrats’ bill to license gun dealers? Unknown.

Once the threat is removed from the right, will Rauner stand up for the Second Amendment after the March 20th primary? Pro-Second Amendment voters will know the answer in about 15 days.

What to expect? Rauner vetoed the bill to license gun dealers Tuesday. Wednesday four Republican senators joined Democrats for a 37-16 vote for the bump stocks ban, sending it back to the House. Two Republicans also joined Democrats to ban the sale of assault weapons and .50-caliber rifles to people under 21.

The House and Senate are reconsidering a measure aimed at taking away certain categories of weapons from people who already own them. A new bill is heading to Rauner’s desk that would place a 72-hour waiting period for those seeking to buy assault weapons which passed with a 43-15 vote.

Sen. Dan Harmon (D-Oak Park) says he is not calling an override vote on the gun dealer licensing bill because Rauner did not officially file the veto paperwork with the Secretary of State’s office. After Rauner files the paperwork, a 15-day countdown begins until the deadline with the left-wing anti-gun Democrats can vote to override his veto. Rauner will be clear of any Republican challenges from the right by then.

Conservative voters will know what Rauner is made of if he wins the Republican primary on March 20th. We will find out his true commitment to the Second Amendment or if he will betray us again as he has before on abortion and illegal immigration.




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