Governor Rauner’s $4.9 million annual executive office budget lists 44 staffers, an average of $114,000 for each staffer.  Under Rauner, some staffers earn $198,000 plus per year. Goldberg was paid $180,000. Former Illinois Policy Institute staffer-turned Rauner chief of staff Kristina Rasmussen was paid $170,000, a hair shy of Democrat Pat Quinn’s salary as Governor.  Think that’s it? Guess again.

After railing about waste and abuse in state government and after condemning Gov. Quinn (who paid his staff nearly 36% less, is that all he pays his hoity-toity staff?

Not according to Illinois comptroller Susanna Mendoza. Mendoza says Rauner “off-shores” 58 additional staff to the tune of $5.5 million – or $10.4 million total – and that the amount is gutted from other state agencies.

Is this the same Rauner who promised transparency and an end to Springfield business as usual? Why should an additional $5.5 million be siphoned from state agencies to pay the Governor’s staff?

Governor Rauner, four years ago you made promises you didn’t keep. You promised to turn Springfield upside down and shake up the corrupt insider system and replace it with an honest one.

This is an easy one, Governor. If a staffer workers in your office, the staffer should be paid from your payroll – not someone else’s.



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