After weeks of cowardly dodging the issue, Governor Rauner has promised to veto a gun measure that would have required the state to license gun dealers. Rauner made the veto promise during an interview with WJPF radio in southern Illinois, conveniently a week before the March 20th GOP primary. The Chicago Sun-Times reports Rauner will veto the gun dealer bill requiring dealers to pay

Rauner realizes he cannot afford to lose any more conservative votes but what will happen to  Rauner’s views on gun control after the March 20th primary?

Heading into the November election, the pressure will be on and the failed Governor has a history of rolling over like a little dog when his friend Rahm Emanuel and his liberal Northshore friends rib him at cocktail parties. Bruce and Diana don’t want to offend their left-wing friends and so when there isn’t a primary election, Rauner does what RINOs usually do; he does what the Democrats say.

This isn’t the first time Rauner has pulled a fast one on conservative voters. While campaigning in 2014, Rauner promised conservatives he “did not have a social agenda” despite his past financial support for Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union, and check after check to left-wing Democrats in key elections across the country. Leaders representing the tea party, groups like the Illinois Policy Institute, and (formerly) pro-life leaders like Family PAC’s Paul Caprio and Illinois Family Institute’s David Smith urged conservative and pro-life voters to support Rauner despite his history as a big wig donor to pro-abortion causes. Rauner was the cash cow that promised to seed these groups with millions in donations, support for their pet candidates, and jobs.

A week before the November 2014 election, liberal Diana Rauner penned this note to her Northshore friends, showing the extent of the betrayal of conservative voters:

Hi friends, so sorry to flood your inbox, but you know how committed I am to reproductive rights; and I can’t stand to sit by while Personal PAC unleashes yet another round of attacks against Bruce. Here are the facts:

Bruce has been one of the largest supporters of the ACLU Reproductive Rights Project for over 20 yearsHe has been a major supporter of Planned Parenthood both locally and nationally for a similar time, such that Cecile Richards told her local staff in Illinois earlier this year, “if I hear anything negative about Bruce Rauner my head will explode.”

Bruce has been unequivocal in his support for reproductive rights throughout a contentious Republican primary and publicly stated his support for reproductive rights in primary debates. He won the primary despite his pro-choice stance, in part by convincing pro-lifers to put aside their views on this issue in favor of economic ones.

Today, Rauner’s conservative friends are backpedaling, looking for cover, trying to save their sorry hides after their buddy Governor Rauner made taxpayer-funded abortion on demand the law of the land last September. Can they regain the moral high ground? No.

Real GOP Illinois predicts that Rauner will cop out on gun control legislation AFTER the March 20th primary. He will betray conservative voters on gun control and bow to the Left in the same way he did on taxpayer-funded abortion and illegal immigration.




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