Um, um, um, it sounds like Governor Rauner once again is desperate not to offend his Democrat friends on gun control measures.

Rauner was squirrelly/noncommittal/fidgety on the Gun Dealer Licensing Act when reporters asked him about whether he plans to support the legislation on a Moline campaign stop Friday.

“So, the federal government already regulates, um, these, um, gun dealers. Uh, so, and, we’ve gotta be careful about putting too much, uh, redundant regulation that won’t really change or improve anything, but it may actually hurt small businesses in the state of Illinois. So, we’ve got to evaluate the issues and we’re in the process of doing it,” Rauner said.

Wait for the flip-flop.

Rauner explained that, because of interstate commerce, “what we do should really be done at the federal level. But, he said he would take a look at “what we can do at the state level in Illinois.”

The um, um, Governor doesn’t inspire confidence on this key conservative issue.

Rauner outlined his four-point gun control plan in a visit to KONE, Inc. “We need to do four things. We should ban bump stocks, No. 1,” he said. “No. 2, we should be more thoughtful and effective in keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. We are not doing a good enough job of that.” No. 3, he said, “we need to do a better job of keeping our schools safer, and our public buildings safer,” he said … Lastly, he said, “we have got to find ways to be more supportive of our police officers and first responders,” he said. “But have them be even more effective in responding to the threats and the risks from gun violence.”

Very kumbaya but will he sign the Democrats’ gun legislation like he signed HB40 and SB31 and screwed conservative voters on abortion and illegal immigration?




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