Jeanne Ives, the Republican challenger to Governor Bruce Rauner has penned an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal, “Rauner Not the Answer to Illinois’ Problems,” challenging a piece praising the failed Governor.

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“Regarding James Taranto’s “The Weekend Interview with Bruce Rauner: Bruce Rauner vs. the Illinois ‘Mafia’” (March 3):  Here are some things the interview misses about the past three years: Our unfunded pension liabilities—already the worst in the country and rapidly bankrupting us—have grown by an appalling 25%,” wrote Ives.

Ives is right. It is journalistic malpractice to overlook Rauner’s catastrophic failure as a fiscal conservative in Illinois.

She reminds the Wall Street Journal, “It is Bruce Rauner —who has lied to and betrayed the conservative base of the GOP—who can’t win a general election. There isn’t much that Illinois has done, before 2015 or since, that your readers would recognize as something these pages would celebrate.”

Ignoring his epic failure as Governor, most major Illinois newspapers have endorsed Rauner over Ives, viewing her social conservatism as a liability in Illinois elections. How quickly they forget that we – the base of Illinois’ Republican Party – are socially conservative.

We are pro-life, oppose illegal immigration, support the American worker, fair trade, the right to bear arms, and we are defenders of the U.S. Constitution. How much of that has Bruce Rauner, as Governor supported? As Governor, Rauner has chucked most of those values and principles overboard. What political party does he represent? Democrat or Republican? Rauner self-identifies as a Republican but has supported the policies of Mike Madigan and Rahm Emanuel since he was elected Governor in 2014.

Where has the “conservative” leadership been since 2014? Until recently, they’ve been riding the Rauner Gravy Train.

Real GOP Illinois won’t argue with Ives on this point: Rauner is a failure who is too weak to win a General Election. We have the conservative leaders who enabled Rauner in 2014 to thank for the destruction he has wrought and for the pitiful state of the Illinois Republican Party since his election.





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