Governor Bruce Rauner is telling his supporters he “may” veto the gun control bills that just passed the Illinois House. What does “may” mean?

Will Rauner keep his promise to GOP voters on the Second Amendment? He “may.” Will he stand up for the rights of law-abiding gun owners or will he bow down to the Democrats as he did on illegal immigration and taxpayer-funded abortion on demand? He “may.”

If his history is any indicator of what Rauner will do after March 20th or if by some chance he eeks out a victory in November, Rauner will do what is politically expedient regardless of the principles embodied in the GOP platform or the promises he has made to conservative Republican voters. He proved that to Republican voters when he made Illinois a sanctuary for illegal immigrants and when he rammed taxpayer-funded abortion on demand down our throats.

To date, Bruce Rauner’s campaign strategy has been pretty simple. His campaign team has advised him to keep mum cultural issues – abortion, illegal immigration, and guns – through the primary and general elections. GOP primary voters do not need to be reminded about Rauner’s left-wing social views because it only loses him votes and he cannot afford to lose any more Republican voters in the primary or in November.

If Rauner wins the March 20th Republican primary, what will happen to our gun rights in Illinois? How soon after the March 20th primary will Rauner succumb to the pressure of the Left and vote as any good Marxist Democrat would?

Republican voters, start asking yourselves these questions before the March 20th primary.




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