Governor Rauner is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t and the Democrats want it that way.  After forcing Governor Rauner to choose sides on abortion and illegal immigration last fall, the Democrats are at it again with four anti-gun bills intended to fire up the GOP’s conservative base yet again.

Capitol Fax’s Rich Miller calls this a “trick bag” for Rauner and it is. This is the template to divide and destroy the establishment GOP leadership not just in Rauner’s race but for years to come. There’s an evil genius at work here and his name is Mike Madigan.

In 2014, Rauner skirted/avoided/tip-toed around controversial social issues such as abortion and illegal immigration. As the Chicago Tribune aptly put it, “Rauner has sought to focus his campaign solely on fiscal issues, saying he has no “social agenda.” It’s an effort to walk a fine line: attracting moderates while downplaying his support of abortion rights to avoid antagonizing social conservatives.”

Rauner to Democrats: I give

When push came to shove, Rauner fell apart. When put to the test, Rauner fails miserably. He squealed like a baby when Democrats forced his hand on the “Trust Act”/AKA Sanctuary State bill and HB40 for taxpayer-funded abortions on demand. He was elected to “hold the line.”

Rauner has two choices now: act like a Republican or act like a Democrat.The Republican voters of Illinois did not vote for a Democrat in 2014; they voted for a fiscally conservative Republican who promised us he had “no social agenda.”

If Rauner betrays conservative voters again by signing on with the Democrats and their anti-Second Amendment legislation, why should we support him in 2018? We might as well vote for J.B. Pritzker who looks like he’s going to win anyway.






2 thoughts on “Three strikes and he’s out: Rauner’s a goner if he signs Madigan’s anti-gun bills”

  1. Is Rauner’s staff having a laugh at his expense with having him looking like a fool riding that motorcycle across the state and now this ridiculous outfit making him look like a cartoon character?

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