The Illinois media hates, hates, hates Governor Bruce Rauner but it didn’t stop the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune and Crain’s Chicago Business from endorsing the failed Republican Governor over his opponent conservative Rep. Jeanne Ives (IL-42). The rationale behind their endorsement: Ives’ transgender ad was too repellent, making her unelectable and despite Rauner’s lack of accomplishment, he might do a better job in term 2.

Are you convinced? Real GOP Illinois didn’t think so.

The media hypocrisy doesn’t end there. 19 hours ago, Crain’s columnist Greg Hinz wrote a piece attacking Rauner’s integrity:

So far this campaign season, the most inaccurate ad (if not necessarily the foulest) that I’ve heard is the 60-second radio spot that Gov. Bruce Rauner has aimed right at Ives’ nose.

“Jeanne Ives might be Mike Madigan’s favorite Republican,” declares the announcer, referring to the Democratic House speaker that much of the political establishment on both sides of the aisle now is trying to make into public enemy No. 1. “The Madigan Machine has bankrolled Ives with thousands of dollars in shady union cash,” and has turned her into “another Madigan lackey.”

Hinz says that Rauner aims to hit Ives – but undermines his integrity in the process.

Rauner’s lack of integrity didn’t stop Crain’s editorial board from endorsing Rauner a second time for Governor:

In the March 20 primary, Republican voters face a stark choice. Rauner’s mulish stewardship of the state has been very nearly disastrous, a four-year-long display of brinkmanship and ineffectual trash-talking that’s caused maximum pain for minimum gain. He’s being challenged on his right by state Rep. Jeanne Ives, a DuPage County conservative whose campaign seems largely animated by outrage over so-called sanctuary cities as well as Rauner’s decision to sign into law a controversial measure to expand taxpayer-subsidized abortions—though he’s certainly provided her with plenty of additional opportunities to heap scorn on him and his record. With backing from at least one deep-pocketed megadonor, Uline founder Richard Uihlein, Ives proves to be a real threat to the incumbent. Nevertheless, she has disqualified herself from serious consideration first by essentially arguing that the rest of the state doesn’t need Chicago and then by airing what easily are among the most appalling campaign spots in the history of political advertising.

For all his faults—and there are many—the governor deserves an up-or-down vote on his record so far. The best that voters pulling a Republican ballot this year can hope for is that Rauner can somehow do better this time around than last time, and because he’s the only reasonable option in the GOP field, he gets our endorsement.

Crain’s has carved out the Illinois business community niche and the pro-business slant appeals to its target demographic. What has Rauner done to preserve/enhance/defend Illinois’ business climate?

Rauner has proven he’s not a fiscal conservative. The Illinois comptroller’s office reports that, as of December 31, 2017, the State of Illinois owed $1 billion in late payment interest fees. The penalties were triggered by the Governor’s two-year budget impasse, which based on the outcome, had zero/none/notta benefit for Illinois’ fiscal health or the taxpayers who now suffer a 32% tax hike.

Illinois will spend another $2.3 billion in fiscal year that ends June 30, billions of dollars never approved by the Illinois General Assembly. Is that business friendly? Is it constitutional?

The unstated reason why Crain’s is endorsing Rauner a second time is simple: Ives is conservative and Rauner isn’t.

Real GOP Illinois doesn’t find Crain’s argument persuasive and either will the core conservative voters in Republican primaries.




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