ROCKFORD (WREX) – Republican State Rep. John Cabello tells 13 WREX he believes Gov. Bruce Rauner should resign during an interview following Wednesday’s State of the State address in Springfield.

Cabello points to the governor’s credibility as the main reason for his comments, saying the governor has broken his word, specifically on House Bill 40. Cabello says in meetings with the governor, Rauner told lawmakers he would not sign the bill related to abortion funding. House Bill 40 was eventually signed into law in late September.

“When you tell someone you are not going to do something, you should stick to your word,” Cabello said. “I can’t trust any words that he says from here on out.”

When asked about Rauner’s State of the State speech Wednesday, Cabello only responded by saying “I was raised that if you have nothing nice to say you shouldn’t say it at all.”

Cabello tells 13 WREX that he will be supporting Rauner’s opponent in the upcoming GOP primary, Rep. Jeanne Ives of Wheaton.

His colleague in Springfield, Republican Rep. Joe Sosnowki, says it’s premature to call for Rauner’s resignation. He says it’s a request he does not believe he’ll join.

13 News reached out to the governor’s office Wednesday evening for response to Cabello’s comments and to allegations that the governor lied about his stance on House Bill 40.

Rauner’s office did not address Cabello’s comments directly, but responded with this statement…

The Governor supports a woman’s right to choose. He doesn’t think a woman’s income should determine whether she has that right. The bill passed and he signed it. As you heard in the State of the State today, the Governor is focused on building a better future for Illinois. He’s focused on strengthening ethics laws, economic development, balancing our budget, reducing state spending and rolling back taxes on the people of Illinois.



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