In the space of one itty bitty term, Republican Bruce Rauner signed SB 31 and made Illinois a sanctuary state (no doubt he got that idea from a little birdy named Mayor Rahm) and HB 40 which forces taxpayers to finance unrestricted abortion on demand. It doesn’t matter if you are morally opposed to abortion. It doesn’t matter if you are a conscientious objector who happens to believe abortion is murder. Rauner doesn’t work for conservative voters and never has.

So much for conservatism in Illinois.

Rauner, the Democrat

Rauner’s left-wing social agenda and mass donations to Planned Parenthood are bad enough but his fiscal views reveal he was never the “conservative” he purported to be – and that his money grabbers told us that he was. They knew Rauner was a Democrat. 

In June 2017, the Wall Street Journal called out Rauner for his flip flop on passing a tax increase in order to get himself (and Illinois supposedly, supposedly) off the fiscal cliff. His “paid for by” Republicans (the ones Rauner himself bought and paid for with PAC money to help them win election) not only voted for the Democrats’ YUGE tax hike in Illinois – they also voted for the override and gave Rauner the political “Hail Mary Pass” he desperately, desperately, desperately needed.

The conservative lie Rauner’s money grabbers told

This was the lie conservative leaders told Republican voters to: (1) get Rauner elected; and (2) get their dirty hands on his wallet.

The damage is done – there are no take backs. The Illinois Policy Institute and Illinois Opportunity Project (Rauner’s two biggest allies) enriched themselves at the expense of conservative voters in Illinois. The group’s principals, John Tillman, Pat Hughes, Dan Proft, Ted Dabrowski, and Matt Besler, guzzled Rauner’s cash and siphoned off some of his power.

Don’t be fooled. Hold them responsible. Forget penance, forgiveness, and absolution. Think of the harm they have done.

Richard Uihlein destroyed conservatism in Illinois

Illinois Policy Institute isn’t the only bad actor here. Minus his two biggest donors, Richard Uihlein and Ken Griffin, Rauner the Democrat, wouldn’t have survived the 2014 Republican primary.

Richard Uihlein, who inherited – didn’t earn – his enormous wealth, donated $2.6 million to Bruce Rauner’s campaign in 2014. Since 2014, Uihlein has contributed millions of dollars to PACs tied to the liberal Governor with one goal in mind: as an insurance policy to make sure Rauner “yes men” were elected to support his radical agenda (psst…hush money). Uihlein’s cash has been used to target pro-life, anti-illegal immigration MAGA candidates and destroy them in Republican primaries.

Very bad guy.

Rauner’s biggest donor is Rahm’s biggest donor: Ken Griffin

Billionaire Ken Griffin is as bad as Richard Uihlein.

Griffin is Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s biggest donor AND he is also Bruce Rauner’s biggest donor. Coincidence? Real GOP Illinois thinks not!

From 2014-2015, Griffin donated $5.5 million to Rauner (and use of his private jet). In May 2017, Griffin dropped another $20 million into Rauner’s campaign account. In October 2017, Griffin donated $1 million to the Obama Foundation. But get this, he calls himself a “Reagan Republican.”

These are the culprits behind Rauner’s rise to power.

Hold them responsible. There are no take backs. No penance. No absolution.



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