The sad last ditch (some say half-hearted and feeble) attempt by six GOP legislators to repeal Gov. Rauner’s sanctuary state bill has hit a roadblock. Reeling from Republican voter outrage after Rauner signed SB31, the “Trust Act,” which officially turned Illinois into a sanctuary state, a group of conservative legislators vowed/said/claimed they would repeal the bill with HB4091 but was it all hot air?

Real GOP Illinois thinks it was.

A repeal bill just meant “for show”

The synopsis of the bill reads, “Repeals the Illinois TRUST Act. Effective immediately,” a phrase that pays on social media but banks little everywhere else. What does that even mean? How stupid do these GOP legislators think conservative voters are?

Was this lame attempt at repealing Rauner’s sanctuary state legislation the cover officials needed with their constituents? These GOP legislators were desperate to distance themselves from Rauner so they feigned a little outrage? This was a repeal bill just meant “for show.” Illinois is a blue state. Does any voter really believe this can pass the Illinois General Assembly now, after the fact? Do they really expect us to believe Rauner will sign it?

Republican leaders knew Rauner was going to sign the bill and said nothing.  The Trust Act passed the Illinois State Senate at the end of May and voters were in the dark the bill existed until August. If you are a conservative voter, it’s time to be outraged about this…again.

History of the lame “repeal” bill

The lame repeal bill was filed in the house by Rep. John Cabello and Rep. David McSweeney on August 30th, days after social media exploded with voter anger over Rauner’s betrayal.The repeal bill was quickly referred to the Rules Committee where it has been growing weeds since October 12th.

Six GOP legislators, many of whom received big donations from Gov. Rauner, have signed on as co-sponsors of the new bill. The bill’s co-sponsors, Rep. Allen Skillicorn, Rep. Tom Morrison, Rep. David McSweeney, and Sen. Kyle McCarter have received big dollars from Rauner or his political action committees in the past. No wonder they wanted cover.

Rauner signed SB31 at Mi Tierra en la Villita which translates to “my land in the little village”  on August 28th. 2017. He was surrounded by open border activists, illegal immigration activists, Democrat officials, and Lt. Gov. Evelyn Sanguinetti.

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, an open borders group, lobbied for the bill. Under Rauner’s Administration, the group receives $6.5 million annually in the form of taxpayer-funded grants.



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