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Downstate here.

Who is the Governor’s representative?  Bruce Rauner is leader of the Illinois Republican Party but he is also a voter who is represented by a state representative and state senator.   Bruce Rauner owns 9 houses  including a penthouse in a luxury high-rise overlooking Millennium Park in downtown Chicago,  a $10 million house in New York on Central Park,  but is only registered to vote at his home in Winnetka.   Bruce Rauner’s representative votes consistently for Mike Madigan to be the Speaker of the House.  What gives?

Our Home:   Winnetka

Winnetka is on the North Shore of Chicago and it’s the wealthiest town in Illinois.   This is where the 1% live and they send their kids to the New Trier public high school .     People pay a  lot of money to buy a house in this public school district.

New Trier High School – Does this look like YOUR local public high school?

A number of famous graduates hail from New Trier High School including Bruce Rauner’s friend and Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel.   Other politicians include former Senator Mark Kirk.  Donald Rumsfield is a New Trier graduate.   Ann Margaret, Rock Hudson and Charlton Heston are all famous New Trier graduates.    A more recent New Trier graduate, Beck Bennett, plays Mike Pence as a recurring character on Trump disparaging Saturday Night Live.

The North Shore (including Winnetka) is an area that strongly and consistently backs the Democratic Party candidates by a 2 to 1 margin versus Republicans.

Our House District 18

House District #18 and Senate District #9 covers  areas that includes Winnetka.  Both of these seats are held by members of Mike Madigan’s Democrat Party.

Why hasn’t Bruce Rauner’s House District #18 become “the battlefield” for gaining an all important if not symbolic Republican house seat to take away Speaker Mike Madigan’s majority?   Isn’t Bruce Rauner paying the piper and calling the tunes now in the Illinois Republican Party so you think he could win a race in his own backyard?  You know like his campaign slogan…Our House…Our Fight.

Yet in 2016 there was a Republican running for this all important seat and guess who didn’t personally donate a single dollar to the Republican in the race?  Governor Bruce Rauner.

Interestingly, there was a $2,500 donation (a pittance) on behalf of a Rauner to the Republican candidate Jessica Tucker.   Do you know who it was from?   Democrat Diana Rauner.

Bruce’s second wife, Diana, is a lifelong Democrat and one of Bruce’s “most senior advisors“.   Yes you read that correctly: Diana Rauner is Bruce’s second wife.   You didn’t know that?  Did you also think Bruce Rauner was an “outsider” when he ran for Governor in 2014?  Think again.

The entire campaign spending by the Republican vying for House Seat #18 was less than $42,000.    That’s not really a solid effort on the part of Winnetka to get a Republican representative now is it?

Our Fight?   We take it Downstate.

Doesn’t this make you wonder why the leader of the Republican Party, Bruce Rauner, is so concerned about winning House seats in Downstate Illinois?   Isn’t this the same Bruce Rauner who spent millions to defeat pro-life conservative Sen. Sam McCann in the 50th district? Didn’t Rauner and the Illinois Opportunity Project put $1.3 million into liberal Democrat former Rep. Ken Dunkin’s tip jar?

Why doesn’t he stick to his knitting and unleash some of the scorched earth techniques he’s becoming known for in order to get his own Republican representative for House District #18?

Why indeed?   Maybe that’s bringing the battle a little close to home and you wouldn’t want to upset the North Shore cocktail parties now would you?

Source: State Board of Elections

The results of the election were predictable given the voting district which include Winnetka and Evanston.

The North Shore votes for the Democratic candidate consistently- just like the City of Chicago!

Instead the Rauner-backed Illinois Policy Institute is drawing cartoons and complaining about legislation proposed by the Democrat incumbent who holds House Seat #18.  Why don’t they put their money into the race and bring some of the scorched earth techniques home?



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