The Rauner bloodshed continues…

After making Illinois a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants and a signing a left-wing bill for taxpayer-funded abortion, Bruce Rauner could be the most unpopular Republican in Illinois since former Governor and convicted felon George Ryan.

A poll by Morning Consult, ranked Rauner as the 5th most unpopular Governor in the U.S.:

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner of Illinois, who continues to clash with Democrats in the Legislature over budget issues and has overseen a period of staff upheaval, is still sliding with voters ahead of his re-election bid next year. He experienced a net loss of 16 points, with 30 percent approving of his job performance and 55 percent disapproving.

Rauner’s blunder

Today, another Rauner blunder: A spokesperson for Rauner admits he paid $125,000 to his social media director out of Illinois’ mental health budget, a budget he said he was cutting. $125 gs to post Rauner’s good deeds on the internet?

Is this the fiscal conservative Illinois voters were promised?

Rauner is struggling to stay on message (maybe you’ve seen the anti-Madigan ads he trots out at election time) despite wave after wave of bad news. Voter anger at Rauner has not quelled since his traitorous left-wing identity was exposed in the signing of HB 40 and SB 31.

To many voters, Rauner’s latest anti-Madigan ads are beginning to ring hollow. Voters are left to question: How is Rauner any different than Madigan?

Conservative voters are the true elephants of the party: We never forget.

Rauner promised transparency then vetoed a bill to prevent it

The Illinois comptroller’s office reported last week that it was forced to sell $4.5 billion in bonds to reduce Illinois’ $16.6 billion backlog. State agencies under Governor Rauner owe $6.1 billion but it could be even more.

Illinois’ comptroller doesn’t know exactly how big the backlog really is because state agencies only have to report their backlog once a year. Here’s the worst part of it: Gov. Rauner has vetoed a bill that would require his agencies to file a monthly report on their bills and how much interested is owed.

Real GOP Illinois says it again:  Didn’t Rauner campaign on transparency? Does that sound like a fiscal conservative to you?

We didn’t think so.

Rauner lieutenants are also beating back challenges to their authority

Rauner has unpopular coattails.

Effingham Tea Party co-founder Brian Milleville is running to succeed* retiring GOP State Rep. John Cavaletto in the 107th House District.

*Update 11/12/17:  Brian Milleville dropped out of the race for the 107th House Seat for personal reasons.   He was quoted as saying this: “I hope that another principled conservative candidate will enter the race to fight the IL GOP establishment, Rauner Republicans & other party insiders who only have their interests at heart instead of the voters’ interests. The 107th deserves to have a leader in Springfield who cannot be influenced or unwittingly used as a pawn by the party elite, the power hungry or the money involved with Illinois politics.

Milleville originally claimed he had the backing of Illinois Opportunity Project, a PAC with deep Rauner money ties.  In October, after being criticized, Milleville notified Illinois Review that he is no longer associated with IOP or Liberty Principles – he says he is seeking no PAC endorsement.  Builder Blaine Wilhour is also a candidate in the race.

Rauner’s re-election campaign is in trouble – and his political groupies are in trouble too.

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