What did Bruce Rauner do after he signed the country’s first taxpayer-funded abortion bill? The Governor did what he’s been doing since he was elected in 2014: bribing Republicans.

Rauner contributed $4 million to the Illinois Republican Party on October 11th.

Rauner’s message is clear: shut up and take my money. They did.

Quickly forgetting their despair over the passage of HB 40 and SB 31 making Illinois a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants, Illinois GOP officials transferred Rauner’s cash to the House GOP Organization and the Senate Republicans just one week later.

The ink was barely dry on Rauner’s Benjamins.

Governor Rauner signed HB 40 on September 28 – only a month ago. Is all forgotten and forgiven in the Illinois Republican Party?

Rauner’s conservative backers – Illinois Policy Institute and Illinois Opportunity Project – continue to claim outrage over HB 40 and SB 31 but are they still on Rauner’s payroll? These groups are not required to disclose their donations to the Illinois State Board of Elections which means Rauner is able to pay them under the table.

If the Illinois Republican Party leadership claims to be angry at Bruce Rauner, why are they still spending his money?




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