Rauner’s history in left-wing Democrat circles was public information in 2012, 2013, and 2014 when he was running for the Republican nomination for Governor. He had a history of large donations to abortion groups like Planned Parenthood. Why did so many conservatives support Rauner?

Let Real GOP Illinois count the hundreds of millions of reasons why.

Conservative leaders who claim they were shocked, surprised, betrayed, astonished at Bruce Rauner’s support for sanctuary state and taxpayer-funded abortion legislation are lying to voters.

Hack groups such as Illinois Policy Institute and Liberty Principles PAC received millions in contributions from Rauner. The people that run them – John Tillman, Pat Hughes, Kristina Rasmussen, Matt Besler, and Dan Proft have been padding their wallets since Rauner and his billionaire donor, Ken Griffin (one of Rahm’s big donors too) came along.

Why did so many Illinois pro-life leaders support Rauner? Isn’t the #1 job of a pro-life leaders to stand-up for life and not support rabidly pro-abortion candidates?

Rep. Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) claims to be pro-life and he was one of Rauner’s most loyal supporters in 2014. Morrison spoke at conservative events cajoling Republican voters to support Rauner regardless of his left-wing ties.

Family PAC Chairman Paul Caprio was a big supporter of Bruce Rauner’s until recently. He endorsed Rauner for election in 2014. How could he do that and claim today to be pro-life? How can pro-lifers believe him after endorsing Rauner, the first Governor in U.S. history to sanction taxpayer-funded abortions.

Caprio wasn’t the pro-family leader who went weak in the knees over Bruce Rauner. Illinois Family Institute’s David Smith spoke out at this pro-life meeting and said he was conflicted about whether to support Rauner.

Smith said, “I am conflicted [about Bruce Rauner] because on the one hand Bruce Rauner says life begins at conception but then he says he believes in the right of a woman to kill that life. I’m conflicted…I don’t know where I am on this issue.”

Watch the video from the meeting here

If you are a pro-life voters, ask Illinois Family Institute’s David Smith, Family PAC’s Paul Caprio, and Rep. Tom Morrison why they supported Bruce Rauner when they were aware of his financial support for pro-abortion causes and issues.



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