Political thuggery is nothing new for Governor Bruce Rauner. From 1996 to 2005, Rauner paid Stuart Levine $25,000 a month to get state pension business for his firm. Levine, a convicted felon and bestie of Obama fundraiser Tony Rezko and GOP fixer William “Bill” Cellini, testified at federal trial that his job with Rauner was to use bribes to get those million dollar insider pension deals.

This is how Bruce Rauner has made his fortune and how he used that fortune to entice Republican leaders to support him. When President Trump says we need to drain the Swamp, he means Rauner.

Bruce Rauner isn’t the only thug in Illinois’ political swamp.

More threats to GOP candidates?

Republican sources say that Dan Proft, who received $5 million or more from Rauner since 2014, is using threats to pressure GOP candidates at township meetings. Proft hosts a radio show on Salem radio station AM 560 and came in last in a seven-way race for Illinois Governor in 2010.

More thugs: Patrick Hughes and Derek Murphy?

The GOP sources also claim Patrick Hughes and Derek Murphy, an aide to Ohio Governor John Kasich (a Trump hater) are pressuring Republican candidates to meet with Proft…or else. If they don’t meet with Dan Proft, Hughes and Murphy are telling candidates they will get no GOP money or GOP support!

Hughes is a co-founder of Illinois Opportunity Project (IOP) and failed 2010 U.S. Senate candidate against Mark Kirk. Matt Besler, President of Illinois Opportunity Project, was tapped as Rauner’s Chief Strategic Advisor in June. IOP is a dark money group, hides its donors, and serves as the Governor’s political attack arm.

Consistent with Crain’s story: “Tillman and Proft deny jobs deal with Rauner”

The claims of these threats is consistent with a story by Greg Hinz in Crain’s.

Hinz says he stands by his August story about a $30 million fundraising and jobs swap deal between Dan Proft, Illinois Policy Institute CEO John Tillman, and Governor Rauner. The deal? Dan Proft and others would raise $30 million for next year’s Republican campaigns and, in exchange, “pretty much run the legislative races and IPI staffers would come into senior government jobs.”

Dan Proft and John Tillman want to control GOP legislative races and control jobs in Rauner’s administration?

If you have a tip about this story or have been pressured or threatened to meet with Dan Proft, Pat Hughes, or Derek Murphy in exchange for state Republican financial support, please contact Real GOP Illinois.





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