Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass says he hates the Illinois Combine, the Illinois political class that’s not committed to any party, they simply want to make money off the taxpayers. He has made his living writing against the Illinois Combine but when it came to a member of the Illinois Combine running for Governor – Bruce Rauner – Kass’ poison pen failed him.

Real GOP Illinois wants to know why.

In July 2013, Kass wrote a gushing loving column, more of a tribute, in the Chicago Tribune to then almost candidate Bruce Rauner, “Illinois Republicans: Get ready for Bruce Rauner: Rauner businessman and possible candidate for governor could be just the ticket to take on status quo, fix broken state.”

It was a wish, a hope, a dream for a Governor Rauner.

In the article, Kass writes:

Bruce Rauner, the multimillionaire bull in the quaint Illinois Republican china shop, sat down with me Wednesday morning at a diner on LaSalle Street to talk about politics.

Are you running for governor?

“I am thinking about it,” said Rauner, 57, a Republican who has spent decades working for school reform, has been an adviser to Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel and is a target of the Chicago Teachers Union and labor bosses.

“I’m doing some serious evaluation, meeting with people, getting ideas on how to do this. But I make decisions. And I’m going to decide soon.”

My translation? He’s running.

He talked to me about bringing business back to Illinois, and jobs, and attacking the education mess and the pension debacle. He supports immigration reform, and he thinks Republicans should focus not on social issues but on shrinking government and fixing schools.

That sounds like a man running for governor. And he wouldn’t have sat down for an interview with me and had his photo taken if he weren’t close to it.

For weeks Rauner, the retired chairman of the private equity firm GTCR, has been meeting privately with Republican governors from Wisconsin’s Scott Walker to Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal to New Jersey’s Chris Christie, as well as former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels. He’s been traveling across Illinois, speaking at Lincoln Day dinners and so on, and is putting a team together.

His twin passions are riding his Harley and bird hunting. He has two labs and a German wirehaired pointer. He wears an $18 wristwatch and drives a 10-year-old van. Like many people of real wealth, he’s not flashy about it.

I had to ask him the Jesse Jackson Jr. question: You ever think about getting a $43,000 Rolex?

“Never,” he said. “I don’t have a Rolls. I don’t have a jet. That’s not me.”

But he has millions to spend on his campaign. And that frightens other Republicans, and Democrats, too. Politicians like colleagues who can be leveraged.

There’s something attractive about a candidate who can’t be bought, especially in Illinois, where so many are for sale. But we’ve seen other wealthy candidates fail, in part because they were too defensive about their money.

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Rauner was elected with the help of pseudo do gooders like Kass, the ones that pretend they are looking out for the people. In the end, they’re just looking out for themselves.



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