Ignoring Rauner’s history of six figure donations to Planned Parenthood, Family PAC Chairman Paul Caprio endorsed Bruce Rauner for Governor in 2014. Here’s what he said:

That brings us to Bruce Rauner. On most pro-family issues, Rauner is not in agreement with us. However, on two issues of importance to us he is … taxes and parental notification.

Rauner promises to oppose the continuation of Quinn’s 67% tax increase that has so devastated the Illinois economy and many family budgets. I believe he will do something to reduce both corporate and individual taxes if elected. Tax policy is a family issue.

Personal Pac and the pro-abortion lobby has set as their priority next year the removal of our parental notification law. Bruce Rauner has stated, “I support parental notification and some restrictions on late-term pregnancy.” Rauner has said this time and time again across Illinois. If he is elected Governor and if such a bill were to reach his desk, we would expect a veto.

If we lose the parental notification fight in Springfield next year … thousands of innocent lives will be lost and Illinois will again become a dumping ground for teenage abortion.

I can’t live with that risk. We’ve seen a lot of broken promises … but I take Bruce Rauner at his word regarding his position on parental notification.

For these reasons, I have decided to cast my vote for Bruce Rauner.

Finally, I want to emphasize that neither I nor Family-Pac has solicited or accepted any money from Rauner unlike some. I want nothing from him but good pro-family policy and will accept nothing less should he be elected.

I realize that some of you will reach other conclusions and I respect that. I deeply appreciate your continued commitment to protecting America and Illinois from the radical left. I’m proud to be by your side in this battle. May Our Lord always bless you and your family.

Please pray for Bruce Rauner … that the Lord would lead him, if elected, to be a great Governor of Illinois by doing God’s will. I will be praying for that too.