I spy with my Illinois eye.

Downstate here.

A very savvy political person from downstate has conveyed a message to me that the entire area (a conservative part of Southern Illinois) is “SICK OF THE ENTIRE REPUBLICAN PARTY IN ILLINOIS“.

What’s not to make a person sick?   First a wink and nod from the Governor to approve a veto override for a massive tax increase.  Then the same REPUBLICAN Governor signing the bill to make Illinois a sanctuary state followed by the ultimate betrayal by first saying he wouldn’t sign and then signing HB40 making Illinois the ONLY state in the nation that uses taxpayer money to fund elective abortions.

Some of the people funding this Illinois Republican Party sure look like Democrats dressed up as Republicans.   Let’s look at one example:

Richard “Dick” and Elizabeth Uihlein are a wealthy couple that live in Lake Forest, Illinois.  Are you familiar with Lake Forest?    This is the  31st richest town in America.   He’s an heir to a beer fortune and now their business is called Uline. You’ve probably seen their Uline trucks traveling the highways of Illinois.

Jan- March 2016:  Dick Uihlein donated over $2,000,000 to the Anti-Trump “Our Principles PAC” and ran ads attacking Donald Trump in the Republican Primary.    Our Principles PAC was launched by a former Mitt Romney aide with the intention of taking down Donald Trump.

Our Principles PAC, as reported by Politico, said that many in the party’s establishment wing are convinced that a Trump nomination would damage the GOP’s prospects for winning the White House and imperil Republican candidates up and down the ballot.       Real GOP Illinois will not forget that Dick Uihlein was an “Anti-Trumper” and put his money behind that effort.

Aug 2016:  Elizabeth Uihlein is one of 23 “Advisors to the President” by being named a member of the (recently disbanded) Trump Economic Advisory Council.   Real GOP Illinois will not forget that Liz Uihlein tried to join in the Trump bandwagon once it was obvious he would win the nomination.

The Uihleins are BIG DONORS to Bruce Rauner, Liberty Principles PAC, Senate Minority Leader Bill Brady, former comptroller Leslie Munger and the Illinois Tea Party, Dan Proft, David McSweeney,  Paul Caprio’s Illinois Families First, and probably the Illinois Policy Institute (if it’s donors were reported that is).

With friends like the Uihleins, it’s easy to see how completely messed up the Republican party has become both nationally and within Illinois.

It’s time to drain the swamp in Illinois.



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