Conservatives claim they are furious at Governor Rauner for signing HB40, which expands taxpayer-funded abortions in Illinois. Can we really believe them?

Rauner’s money grubbers betrayed conservatives on abortion

Terri Koyne, a writer at the Illinois Review made this point. She wrote, “Rauner didn’t betray or deceive anyone [on abortion]- Rauner money grabbers did.” Terri is correct: Rauner’s conservative money grubbers can’t be trusted.

Read Koyne’s piece which details Rauner’s pro-abortion history and his questionnaire statements.

Is Jeanne Ives Rauner’s control candidate in the Republican primary for Governor?

Rep. Jeanne Ives told Politico that she won’t rule out challenging Rauner in a primary and that operative DAN PROFT, who received $5 million from Rauner, is pushing Ives’ candidacy.

It could be that Ives is Rauner’s spoiler candidate in the Republican primary to ensure a Rauner victory.

Why would GOP voters support any candidate connected to Rauner and his allies, including REP. JEANNE IVES, whose ties to the Illinois Policy Institute and the Illinois Opportunity Project are long and deep?

Will Dan Proft return Rauner’s donations?

Proft and Pat Hughes of Illinois Opportunity Project blasted Rauner in a statement this weekend: “Gov. Rauner has mandated taxpayer funding of abortions at any time, for any reason. He additionally signed a law to make Illinois a sanctuary state. Do those initiatives sound like the priorities of a governor with ‘no social agenda?’ They sound like the priorities of a social justice warrior. No conservative reform governor has ever done so much for the liberal agenda.”

Real GOP Illinois is relieved that Proft and Hughes are finally condemning Governor Rauner after supporting him and takes his donations for at least the last five years.

Will Proft be returning the $5 million he received from Rauner or the millions he received from Rauner’s second biggest donor Dick Uihlein? How can Dan Proft’s word can be trusted due to the donations he has taken from Rauner?

Greg Hinz at Crain’s just confirmed a deal between John Tillman, Dan Proft and Governor Rauner for Richard Uihlein to raise $30 million for Rauner if Proft could control Republican legislative races and jobs for IPI staffers. Does that sound like good conservative values to you?

Too little too late from John Tillman of Illinois Policy Institute

In a recent Facebook post, JOHN TILLMAN, CEO of the “conservative” Illinois Policy Institute and one of Rauner’s biggest allies, wrote, “Benedict Rauner going back on his word and signing HB40. Whether you are pro life or pro choice, a politician loses when he gives his word to many people and goes back on it, including to Cardinal [Blase] Cupich. Further, if you care only about economic issues, he has put that entire agenda at risk by betraying those to whom he gave his word.”

Tillman, until now, has been quiet on Rauner. He’s been called the “defacto governor” due to his close ties to the Illinois Governor. Tillman and his Illinois Policy Institute group have also been silent on the Trust Act, which Rauner signed to keep illegal immigrants safe from deportation by making Illinois a sanctuary state.

Tillman’s groups not returning Rauner’s large donations

Illinois Policy Institute has received more than $500,000 from Rauner’s family foundation in the past and millions more from donors tied-to Rauner. Illinois Opportunity Project is connected to the Illinois Policy Institute and is the political hit group for Rauner. IOP’s donors are not public which begs the question how much as IOP received from Rauner? Real GOP Illinois believes they made millions from Rauner.

Illinois Policy Institute and Illinois Opportunity Project are squawking about Rauner’s abortion betrayal now but they took his money for years even after he continued to fund Planned Parenthood with taxpayer money and after he signed a bill to force doctors and crisis pregnancy centers to refer abortion cases in 2016.

Rauner’s conservative supporters, including Rep. Ives, have been silent on these too. Where was their outrage then?

Can we believe John Tillman and Illinois Policy Institute when they condemn Governor Rauner? Do they really want to defeat Rauner or help him? Will they return the millions of dollars he has donated to them?

Bruce Rauner was a danger to the Illinois Republican Party in 2014. Despite his extreme social positions, Republican leaders knelt before him for the money.

Why should conservatives of conscience trust these money grubbers again?




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