Sources say Rauner’s allies already KNEW he was planning to sign abortion bill HB40 months ago but didn’t say anything.

Yesterday, Bruce Rauner broke his promise to pro-life voters and signed HB40 into law.

Who knew Rauner was planning to betray his pro-life Republican base on HB40?

Many within the conservative movement and Republican officials knew, including:

Sen. Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods) – McConchie received $493,567 from Governor Rauner and one of his largest donors, Richard Uihlein through Liberty Principles PAC, run by Dan Proft. McConchie also voted with Rauner to make Illinois a sanctuary state. Despite supporting Rauner, who is pro-abortion, McConchie was formerly with Americans United for Life, a pro-life group.

Sen. Kyle McCarter (R-Lebanon) – McCarter supported Rauner’s campaign for Governor in 2014, Rauner’s pro-abortion views and donations notwithstanding, and received a $10,000 contribution from Bruce Rauner.  McCarter also made no public opposition to the Trust Act/Sanctuary State bill after it passed the Illinois state house and senate last May. McCarter says, “I am pro-life with no apologies” – read why .

Kyle McCarter endorses Rauner in 2014

Michael Lucci, Deputy Chief of Staff for Governor Rauner – Lucci is the former Vice President of the Illinois Policy Institute, a group that has received millions from Bruce Rauner’s foundation.

Dan Proft, Liberty Principles PAC/AM 560 WIND Radio – Dan Proft runs Liberty Principles PAC and received more than $5 million, used to help pro-Rauner candidates and to defeat pro-life Republicans.

Rep. Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) – Morrison made outreach to pro-life voters and tried to convince them to support Rauner even though he knew Rauner was a pro-abortion donor.

Rep. Peter Breen (R-Lombard) – A former attorney for the Thomas More Society, a pro-life law firm, Breen was the beneficiary of more than $325,000 from Liberty Principles PAC, courtesy of Rauner’s $2.5 million donation.

Matt Besler, Former Chief Strategic Advisor, Citizens for Rauner and President of the Illinois Opportunity Project – Illinois Opportunity Project is a 501c4 group affiliated with the Illinois Policy Institute

Kristina Rasmussen, Illinois Policy Institute Chief of Staff, Governor Bruce Rauner and former President and COO of the Illinois Policy Institute. Blame this group for Rauner’s extremist left-wing policies.

John Tillman, Illinois Policy Institute – Group that receives millions in contributions from Rauner and his allies. Illinois Policy Institute has still made no public condemnation against Rauner for signing the Trust Act/Sanctuary State legislation. He has been called the “Defacto Governor.”

Governor Rauner has funded or funneled money to Republican officials such as: Rep. Reggie Phillips, Rep. Sara Jimenez, Rep. Terri Bryant, Rep. Alan Skillicorn, Rep. Brandi McGuire, Rep. Avery Bourne, Rep. Brad Hallbrook, Rep. Jeanne Ives,  and others.



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