Rauner is calling on Congress to pass comprehensive national immigration reform legislation, which is ironic given Rauner’s critical role in turning Illinois into a sanctuary state.

When Governor Rauner signed the “Trust Act” (SB 31) and made Illinois a sanctuary state as of August 28, 2017, Republican voters were outraged. The backlash on social media was immediate: Rauner betrayed his conservative base. Voters said they felt “blindsided.” Republican voters supported Rauner in 2014 because he said he was a conservative and that he would bring fiscal order and sanity to Illinois. As soon as Rauner signed SB 31, he proved to voters that he’s not the conservative he promised he was.

Rauner approved a $1 million grant to group behind Illinois’ sanctuary state bill

Last week, Real GOP Illinois reported on a $1 million grant to the Illinois Immigrant and Refugee Coalition (ICIRR), approved by Governor Rauner. The group was actually behind the push to make Illinois a sanctuary state bill. They are the group that worked with lawmakers and lobbied for the bill’s passage. ICIRR bragged to the Chicago Sun-Times that the legislation was called the “Trust Act” for a reason. They deliberately avoided the words “sanctuary state” in order to deceive the public.

Illinois Republican leaders had been quiet on the sanctuary state bill since it passed the Illinois General Assembly on May 31.

Real GOP Illinois has now uncovered more information about state grants to this open borders group by Governor Rauner’s Administration. ICIRR’s website discloses a much bigger grant of Illinois taxpayer funds to this open borders/pro-illegal immigration/amnesty advocacy group.

Open borders group receives $6.5 million in state funds under Rauner ever year

The Illinois Immigrant and Refugee Coalition lists on its website that it actually receives $6.5 million in state funds EVERY YEAR under Governor Rauner:

The group’s website states: The group’s Senior Director of Programs “will oversee a newly amalgamated department that includes the New Americans Initiative, the Immigrant Family Resource Program, Uniting America, WIC and SNAP. He will be responsible for the $6.5 million in state funding that ICIRR grants to our partner agencies every year.”

According to this statement, the group also receives state and federal taxpayer-funded SNAP and WIC funds to provide welfare benefits to illegal immigrants and refugees and it could have been spent on America’s poor and unemployed.

If anyone thought Governor Rauner was on our side, think again.




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