I spy with my Illinois eye.

Downstate here.

One of the shocking things I notice when I go to Chicago is how many cameras are in use picking up everyday activity.    That’s understandable for a business who wants to protect their inventory or an apartment trying to control vandalism in the parking lot.

However the surveillance by Government, which is paid for by taxpayers, has gotten out of hand.  The right to privacy has been taken away en masse by the Chicago Democrats (and others).     Remember the Red Light Camera problems?   Bribes, kickbacks and changing the timing of yellow on lights to increase revenue at the cost of public safety?

Some of the most pervasive surveillance is unseen and has been done without a warrant with a device called a Stingray.

What is the Stingray?  This is a machine that sends out information and tricks your cell phone into thinking it’s a cell tower.   Your cell phone sends information to the fake tower and the data is collected (before today) without a warrant.

The technology essentially puts up a wall between the user’s phone and their provider, forcing phones in the immediate area to send data to the police instead of the nearest cell towers.

Starting today, the use of the controversial “stingray” cell-site simulator by the Chicago Police or the Illinois State Police (or any other law enforcement) will require a warrant.  I wonder how much the vehicle pictured above cost the taxpayers of Chicago and how many of these they have?

Cities like Chicago claim they can’t comply with FOIA requests because of the confidentiality agreements they have signed with the Stingray vendors.  These vendors are military defense contractors selling military intelligence tools (paid for by the taxpayers of the United States) to towns and cities to be used against the citizens of the United States.

Give me a break- Chicago wants to scoop up the private information of it’s citizens and not tell anyone.  It’s time for these bad practices to end.   Will they comply with the new requirements?




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