Illinois is a sanctuary state and Republican voters have GOVERNOR BRUCE RAUNER to thank. Rauner isn’t the only guilty party however. SB 31, known as the “Trust Act,” and covertly named by extremist immigration and open border activists to obfuscate the bill’s purpose (the ICIRR bragged about this to the Chicago Sun-Times) passed in late May and angry voters are asking why they didn’t hear about this bill sooner?

Republican voter outrage hit the boiling point last week when cagey Rauner sided with Democrat activists and signed SB 31. The Governor was blasted as a traitor on social media and the Facebook consensus was that Rauner had lost thousands of Republican votes by signing this bill.

SB 31 passed in the Illinois state senate on May 31. There was little to no news on the bill’s passage and no comment or outrage from Republican state representatives on social media.

Like Rauner, Dan McConchie voted to make Illinois a sanctuary state

Is it because a number of Republicans like state SEN. DAN MCCONCHIE (R-26), who is funded by DAN PROFT‘s PAC, actually voted for SB 31? McConchie is a Hawthorn Woods resident and a freshman state senator. His district covers Algonquin, Barrington, Cary, Deer Park, Fox River Grove, Hawthorn Woods, Island Lake, Kildeer, Lake Zurich, Libertyville, Long Grove, Mundelein, and Wauconda.

McConchie signed on to the original full-throated liberal version of the Trust Act, which spelled out ways to prevent federal officials from using state and local police databases and state facilities to track down violent criminals and illegal immigrants. It also created “safe zones” on state-owned property. (The new version does all this via regulation instead of being spelled out in the legislation).

Dan Proft’s PAC gave $493,567 to make sure McConchie won his campaign

Rauner’s key ally, Dan Proft, the chairman of Liberty Principles PAC, donated $493,567 to McConchie’s campaign, ensuring he won the 2016 Republican primary.  The Governor has transferred or donated millions of dollars through Liberty Principles PAC to aid and abed Rauner-friendly candidates including McConchie. Dan Proft’s PAC received more than $5 million from Bruce Rauner and his allies.

After the explosion of anger on Facebook and Twitter over Rauner’s betrayal, his allies – including Mr. Proft – tried desperately to distance himself from the Governor’s support for SB 31. Is it legitimate or is it a cover? Are Rauner’s allies just trying to save their own skin? Is it all just talk?

A review of Proft’s social media tells the tale. While Proft lashed out at the Governor, in response to recent social media anger over SB 31, he promoted McConchie on his Facebook page just days AFTER HE VOTED FOR THE TRUST ACT!

Source: Facebook

In the days following the Trust Act’s passage in the Illinois General Assembly, there was not one word about the bill on Proft’s social media accounts. No condemnation. No outrage. No concern. No anger or finger pointing at Sen. Dan McConchie or promises not to support him again.

What could be the reason? Rauner insiders (Illinois Policy Institute, Pat Hughes, John Tillman, Dan Proft) weren’t really outraged about Rauner signing the Trust Act. SB 31 was sitting on Rauner’s desk for months and they KNEW he was planning to sign it.

With the betrayal of Republican voters by Bruce Rauner and his allies, voters must begin to look for new thought leaders in the weeks and months ahead.

It is going to be a long, important campaign season.






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