It’s official: thanks to GOVERNOR BRUCE RAUNER, Illinois is now a sanctuary state. Rauner signed SB31 into law Monday morning, surrounded by a coalition of open border groups, proudly undocumented immigrants and Democrat officials. Over the weekend, Rauner also signed two other popular Democrat bills – an automatic voter registration bill and a gender ID bill, which allows transgender people to change the gender on their birth certificates.

Rauner’s allies getting the heat for sanctuary state bill

Rauner’s conservative allies can no longer claim the Governor is a conservative – but will they still support him after this betrayal of principle? As more conservative voters learn of Rauner’s betrayal, they are taking to social media to express their outrage and anger. The outrage is quickly spilling over at Rauner’s supporters. Rauner’s allies know the sanctuary state time bomb has been detonated and they’ve been hit with the shrapnel.

The wounds are deep. They will not heal.

There’s more.

Rauner Administration doled out $1 million to immigrant group behind SB31

An investigation by Real GOP Illinois reveals that the Rauner Administration continued to pay a state grant of nearly $1 million dollars to the group who pushed the sanctuary state bill, SB31. The group, ILLINOIS COALITION FOR IMMIGRANT AND REFUGEE RIGHTS,  was approved to receive more than $956,000 in state funds and received more than $500,000 in funds approved by the Rauner Administration despite the budget impasse.

Look….Governor approved these amounts in 2015: 8/17/2015 – $148,119.21, 8/11/2015 – $187, 368.70, and 8/11/2017- $134,907.66

The Rauner Administration also approved $684,000 in state grants for a group called MIGRANT EDUCATION, INC.

What is Migrant Education, Inc. anyway?

How horrible is Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights?

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights is a group that promotes open borders. Why is it receiving any state money when Illinois’ debt backlog exceeds $14 billion. In 2013, the group also spearheaded the bipartisan legislation to allow undocumented immigrants to get Illinois driver’s licenses. With Rauner’s approval of automatic voter legislation, the stage is set for large-scale voter fraud.

With a Republican Governor like Rauner, who needs a Democrat?






5 thoughts on “Rauner approves $1M grant for group behind sanctuary state bill”

  1. This bill does not make Illinois a sanctuary state. Law enforcement groups supported the bill, and we would not have done so if it made Illinois a sanctuary state. We hope people understand that law enforcement’s support helped to make this a reasonable bill. It’s not helpful to spread inaccurate information.

  2. Rauner is another liberal republican that thinks he can win supporters by moving left. It never works. He just lost a big portion of his conservative base to side with the RINOs over Trump. Democrats will not move to support him. It is unforgivable. His career is over.

  3. A good friend of mine wife was killed in a car accident by an Illegal Alien. He was driving the wrong way on the interstate and collided head on killing the wife. He received a DUI and was released after a short hospital stay. He has since vanished and missed his court date. And Rauner made this a sanctuary state!!! BY THE WAY, THERE WERE NUMEROUS REQUESTS BY THE HUSBAND AND OTHER VICTIMS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS AND RAUNER REFUSED TO VISIT WITH THEM TO DISCUSS SB31. In my eyes, Ranuner needs to be gone and replaced with a different person whom at least has the time and passion to meet with victims. Horrible leadership Mr. Rauner!!!!!!

  4. I’m glad I didn’t vote for this phony. The Illinois GOP is a joke and it has been for a long time. Most Republicans are in denial or they just enjoy the abuse. Hey GOP Conservatives the IL GOP is mocking you! Stop taking this abuse!

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